Forza Horizon Barns Locations Guide – How To Find Free Cars

Find out the locations all Barns in Forza Horizon to add these hidden free cars to your collection.

In the open world of Forza Horizon, winning races is not the only thing that matters. There are other things like your popularity ranking and the search for some free cars. Yes, you can get free cars if you know where to find them.

Throughout your play-through, Alice will inform you about the rumors going around about old cars that can be found at different barns in Colorado. Although, she will tell you about its rough location, you will have to search out a bit to get to the exact point.

In order to save you the trouble (if you don’t like roaming around too much), we have this direction guide to help you locate these barns. For more help on Forza Horizon, read our Showcase Events Guide.

Forza Horizon Barns Locations

Barn Location #1 (Montana Plains)
Car. 1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMI
Location. After reaching Montana Plains, you need to look for the yellow Recaro Rush Event. In eastern section from the event’s place, you will be able to find a barn in a fenced area. Drive in through the gates and you will reach the designated spot.

Barn Location #2 (Finely Dam)
Car.1981 BMW M1
Location. When you are at Finely Dam, take the dirt road and head south. While driving towards the dam-station (along the dirt road), when you are half way there, you will come across a barn where you can get the car.

Barn Location #3 (Eagle Ridge)
Car.1992 Bugatti EB 110 SS
Location. This is a tricky one. When you get to Eagle Ridge, look for the multiple concentric roads’ section on the map. You need look for this barn in the northern section from the concentric section. It’s near the blind ended road under the pond in the north Eagle Ridge.

Barn Location #4 (Gladstone)
Car. 1954 300 SL Gullwing Coupe
Location. After reaching the Gladstone map marker, the barn can be found across the two rivers (in the eastern section) of the Gladstone Outpost. You will come across a mansion beside which the barn is present. Like most of the other barns, you will have to drive through the fenced section to reach it.

Barn Location #5 (Red Rock)
Car. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage
Location. While you are in Red Rocks, head to the area where multiple roads are cluttered (look in the map). Take the road that leads to the Red Rock theater. You will be able to find the barn to the south of this theater.

Barn Location #6 (Bunker)
Car. 1956 Jaguar D-Type
Location. Get to the Bunker and then to a small town in the southeastern section from the map marker. There, just across the GoPro Euro Cross race marker, you will be able to find the barn in front of a cliff.

Barn Location #7 (Carson)
Car. 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe
Location. In the northwest section of Carson, you need to look for a dirt road there. In eastern direction from the dirt road, you will be able to find this barn.

Barn Location #8 (Redfoot Ranch)
Car. 1959 Aston DBR1
Location. After reaching the Redfoot Ranch, look for a series of the road there. One of them will have a dead end ahead (it’s the central one in the series). There is a ranch in the north of this road where you can also find the barn.

Barn Location #9
Car. 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
Location. You will have to explore the central section of town to find the barn. The barn is surrounded by some fancy buildings. If you enter the town from the other side, the barn can be found in east just after you enter the town (head up the alleyway).

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