How to Drift in Forza Horizon 5

In this guide, we'll be going over a few of our Forza Horizon 5 Drifting Tips that you can use to master your corners

Forza Horizon 5 is no mediocre title, it has great drifting mechanisms and it rewards you for being a good drifter. The ability to drift well also separates the racer from the average driver. In this guide, we’ll go over a few of our Forza Horizon 5 Drifting Tips for you to cut corners effectively.

Forza Horizon 5 Drifting Tips

The first step to good drifting in FH5 doesn’t happen in the car but in the settings tab of the game.

Game Settings

You should head over to the difficulty settings and set gear shifting to manual.

While good drifts are possible in automatic gear shifting, your level of control on the car greatly increases with manual shifting. X is the button assigned for gear shifts. It’ll take some practice but you will be better off for it.

Get the locked differential, which ensures one of your tires doesn’t suddenly get a grip while the others are spinning. This can be achieved by setting both Acceleration and Deacceleration to 100%.

Put your braking force on 100% front bias, this gives your front plenty of control during a drift.

Also turn off traction and stability control for making drifting all the more easier for you.

Selecting the Right Car

The next step to great drifts is to select just the right car. Cars with rear-wheel drive are generally better for drifting, and it may take some time for you to get used to both the RWD and the Manual shifting, but it will definitely be worth it.

Next up, the higher the horsepower of the car, the better it is for Great and Ultimate drifts. Nissan Silvia and Mazda RX-7 are both great early game options to begin your drifting routines with.

Upgrades for your Cars

You can improve your cars through upgrades. Typically upgrades of springs, suspensions, and dampers really help keep your car in your control and performing well on turns and in drifts.

Adding weight reduction and anti-roll bars gives you the power to weight ratio advantage. Lastly, you need great tires, with improved track width for that extra grip on the road.

Performing that Perfect Drift

When hitting a corner, use RT for some additional corner, this should start you sliding, now you just need to control the car and keep a light touch on that throttle to keep the slide going.

Don’t forget to shift gears using X. All that’s left to do now is practice. Practice makes perfect, and drifting is not so easily mastered.

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