Forza Horizon 4 New Trailer Features Previews is Out

Forza Horizon 4 new trailer by Turn 10 Studios shows us every new feature in the game including dynamic seasons, hovercraft and more.

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios are more than excited to reveal everything new about the game in each trailer of Forza Horizon 4. The latest released trailer shows us all the new features in the game and gameplay systems in detail.

Developers talked about the new dynamic seasons in the game and the shared world giving the players a lot of activities and content to enjoy.

Dynamic season in the game will bring different changes to the in-game world depending on what season it is like Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Each season in the game will open up new races and you’ll need different cars to do each event depending on the conditions. As for the shared world, 72 players can gather together on a single server though you still have the ability to play offline with Drivatars.

Also, some of your favorite radio stations are back and there’s a lot more to know which you can know in details in the video below.

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