Fortnite Switch Port Rumored To Be In The Works, To Be Revealed At E3 2018?

Rumors and Fortnite have an old relation, both have always latched on to each other. A recent rumor is of a similar kind. Turns out that there just might be a Fortnite Switch Port in the works and rumor suggests that it could be revealed at E3 2018.

Since this is a rumor, we would suggest you take caution, and hold your horses before you take on the road of excitement.

At the moment there are multiple rumors that suggest the same, that the developers of Fortnite are working hard to port the Fortnite battle royale on Nintendo Switch.

Adding to that the Fortnite Switch Port will not have any substantial difference on this portable home console and will give the same experience of the game as it does on other platforms.

Furthermore, it will support cross-platform play and Fortnite Save the world. Although the details seem to be very convincing but as we said before, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt.

These may be rumors but after thorough analysis, it is a news that the fans deserve to know.

When we talk about rumors we need to be sure of a few things among which the most important one is that rumors can be misleading and most commonly be contradicting.

That said, this specific rumor originates from LeakyPandy. LeakyPandy, as you may be familiar, is a group devoted to gaming industry news and rumors.

They have claimed that Fortnite’s Switch Port is in the works and perhaps will be revealed during E3,2018.

This is not the first time Fortnite’s Switch Port is in the talks, if you remember in the month of January when a Twitter user asked Epic games about the Fortnite Switch Port, they gave pretty much a positive reply.

Which got most of the fans thinking that there just might be a possibility. Now with these claims, speculations, and rumors originating from various sources, the expectations for Switch port are at an all-time high.

Let us see what E3 has in store for us, with so much to look forward to, adding this to the list would be something that every fan would certainly enjoy.