Fortnite Season X Week 6 Leaked Challenges

The challenges of Fortnite Battle Royale corresponding to Week 6 of the Season X Battle Pass will be active in the game on Thursday, 5 September. This sixth series of weekly challenges is called Boogie Down.

They have leaked, so we already know what both the normal and prestigious challenges of this series will be. Below are each new challenge of Fortnite.

Normal challenges

  • Hit an opponent with a boogie bomb (0/2)
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and in a giant seat (0/1)
  • Get eliminated with a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a submachine gun (0/1)
  • Travel 100 meters while dancing (0/100)
  • Visit a huge piano (0/1)
  • Destroy no dancing signs (0/3)
  • Dance in a BRUTE in different matches (0/3)

Prestige Challenges

  • Inflict damage to enemies affected by boogie bombs (0/2)
  • Dance in front of a bat statue, in a way above-ground pool, and in a giant seat in the same game (0/1)
  • Get an elimination with a sniper rifle, a pistol, and an explosive weapon (0/1)
  • Dance with other players to raise a disco ball in an icy airplane hangar (0/1)
  • Play the sheet music at a huge piano (0/1)
  • Dance after opening a supply drop in different matches (0/3)
  • Dance in the DJ area at a dance club with the Yonder costume (0/1)

Rewards of normal challenges

  • 1 objective completed: Battle Stars x 10
  • 2 objectives completed: Battle Stars  x10
  • 3 objectives completed: Battle Stars x 10
  • 4 objectives completed: XP x 5 000
  • 5 objectives completed: Battle Stars x 10
  • 6 objectives completed: Battle Stars x 10
  • 7 objectives completed: ????

Rewards of prestige challenges

  • 8 objectives completed: XP x 1 000
  • 9 objectives completed: XP x 1 000
  • 10 objectives completed: XP x 1 000
  • 11 objectives completed: Grafitti Yonder
  • 12 objectives completed: XP x 1 000
  • 13 objectives completed: XP x 1 000
  • 14 objectives completed: Style ???? for the Yonder skin

I remind you how these challenges work. Initially you will only have three of the normal challenges available, and you will have to complete them to make the remaining ones appear.

Once the seven normal challenges are completed, you can make the mission prestigious and start with the first three prestigious challenges. From here, you will have to complete these more difficult versions of the normal challenges in order to obtain all the rewards.

Also, the first update content of patch 10.20 reached Fortnite Battle Royale, corresponding to Season X of your Battle Pass. This update of Fortnite brings several changes and new features, such as the return of the floating island or a new item, the zapper trap. According to the patch notes, the island will move slowly across the map. 

The Zapper trap is the other great novelty of this content update. When launched, this creates a trap that is automatically placed on both sides of a piece of construction, and that electrocutes the unsuspecting players that pass through it.

These two additions have been the most important changes and new developments of this content update. There have also been changes and developments in the Creative Mode and in Save the World. You can see the full list here.

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