Fortnite Season 7 Winter Wonderland Details, Skins, Weapons, And More

Fortnite Season 7 Winter Wonderland festivities are about to begin. The server is down at the time of this writing...

Fortnite Season 7 Winter Wonderland festivities are about to begin. The server is down at the time of this writing and as soon as they go up, Season 7 will officially go live. The season 7 brings new details, skins, and weapons to the mix among other things.

There are a handful of ice-themed skins, a new pet, vehicle skins, and even new airplanes.

Progressive skins in Season 7 Lynx and Ice King. The Lynx is a cat-like an outfit with a full body armor that has no effect on gameplay. Meanwhile, the Ice King outfit is a Tier 100 skin Epic revealed in the first trailer for the season.

In season 7 Winter Wonderland we get two new pets. We get a cute little hamster named Hamirez. The hamster comes with his own little wheel as well. The second pet is a Remus, a cute dog with a holiday-themed sled.

Fortnite Season 7 Winter Wonderland Trailer

Tier 1 – 7 Items and Unlockables

Tier 8 – 15 Items and Unlockables

Tier 16 – 23 Items and Unlockables

Tier 24 – 31 Items and Unlockables

Tier 32 – 39 Items and Unlockables

Tier 40 – 47 Items and Unlockables

Tier 48 – 55 Items and Unlockables

Tier 56 – 63 Items and Unlockables

Tier 64 – 71 Items and Unlockables

Tier 72 – 79 Items and Unlockables

Tier 80 – 87 Items and Unlockables

Tier 88 – 95 Items and Unlockables

Tier 96 – 100 Items and Unlockables

Epic Games has introduced new gliders in Fortnite Season 7 update.  Everyone who buys the Season 7 Battle Pass will get the following items instantly.

  • Zenith Progressive Outfit
  • Lynx Progressive Outfit
  • Sgt. Winter Outfit and Style Challenges
  • Hamirez Pet
  • Tactical Sleigh Glider
  • Arctic Camo Wrap
  • Perfect Present Back Bling
  • String Lights Contrail
  • 300 V-Bucks
  • 1 Music Track
  • 70% Bonus Season Match XP

Fortnite Season 7 Winter Wonderland will go live soon and the battle pass is available for players to buy Epic’s official website. The new Creative Mode is free with the Season 7 update and isn’t part of the battle pass.

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