Fortnite Streamed on Twitch By Scientists to Promote Climate Change Awareness

We have come to know that Fortnite is now being played by a group of scienstists on Twitch to discuss climate change and its importance.

Fortnite is a global phenomenon and it won’t surprise you to know that scientists are now playing it on Twitch while discussing the climate changes. Yes, you read that correctly. Scientists are taking advantage of the game’s popularity to teach people about climate changes.

A group of scientists has made a channel on Twitch. This channel is run by researchers playing the most popular game while answering questions about the climate. The main purpose of the team is to battle disinformation and guide the new generation which will have to deal with the upcoming consequences of climate change.

This idea started when Katharine Hayhoe, a scientist at Texas Tech University held a climate webinar. The climate webinar wasn’t able to get many viewers, unlike her seven-year-old son who happened to gain a lot more just by playing Fortnite.

That’s when she was suggested to combine both worlds to convey her knowledge to the world. Henri Drake, a graduate student in climate science at MIT decided to try out this idea himself. Drake started by recruiting other scientists and launched a channel called Fortnite Climate. The new channel was able to gain more than 230 followers in just a month.

He is now found actively discussing the climate change with fellow scientists while playing Fortnite. It’s just the beginning as Drake wants to take it to other platforms like Youtube. He also wants to try out another new game called Eco which deals with the problems of environments.

It builds a community where people can ask the hard questions directly to an expert. For a topic like a climate change that is steeped in misinformation, direct access to experts is crucial.

It’s very a unique approach towards a very important topic of our environment. This channel will definitely help the kids to learn about the climate as they already love watching people play Fortnite.

In other news, Fortnite fever keeps growing as there are already rumors of another upcoming event in the game. A new patch is now also available and it increases PS4 Pro resolution to 1440p for a 4K display.

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