Fortnite PS4 Bundle Revealed Along With Exclusive Skin

Sony had to do something to make up for the backlash caused on their policy of crossplay restrictions with Nintendo Switch a week ago. Possibly due to that, a special Fortnite PS4 Bundle has been revealed today, featuring an exclusive skin to use in the game and a few V-Bucks.

The reveal of the upcoming Fortnite PS4 Bundle has leaked through the Facebook page of Playstation Italia. The guys moderating the page must have mistakenly released the photo of the offer ahead of schedule, leading to a big reveal for all of us.

Anyone considering buying a PlayStation 4 might be thinking right now, why should I pick this version that includes a free to play game than any other featuring a PS4 exclusive title like God of War? The answer is simple.

If you are a Fortnite player and are just now getting into console gaming, you wouldn’t want to miss that awesome looking  “Royal Bomber” skin. Furthermore, this edition will be releasing at a considerably lower price than the existing bundled ones. It might possibly be priced the same as the classic PlayStation 4 slim, so stick our watching for new offers for this one.

The post on Playstation Italia Facebook page states that the Fortnite PS 4 Bundle will be available starting July 16, 2018. The post’s translation reads:


“Ready for summer challenges? From July 16th comes PS4 with Fortnite, the phenomenon of the year! In The Pack also there will be the special costume Royal Bomber and 500 v-bucks!”

Dexerto has also revealed the 3D rendered model of the Royal Bomber skin available in the bundle.

In related news, Epic Games is changing Fortnite not only by adding new content and cosmetics but also intends to slowly change its late game with balance tweaks to building and shotguns to provide more versatility to players.

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