Your Fortnite Skills Can Now Get You a Job in New Zealand

A recruitment company in New Zealand is looking to hire Fortnite players but not for playing games but instead as Forklift operators.

Fortnite is a global phenomenon and it’s hard to say that there would be a gamer who hasn’t tried it at least. Fortnite has always been fun to play with friends but it looks like for the first time you can make use of your in-game skills to get a job.

A recruitment company in New Zealand is looking for Fortnite players. The job description is definitely attracting Fortnite players but there’s a twist as you are not required to play the game or show them your skills but instead, they are looking for Forklift Operators.

They are looking for someone who’s “Sick of running around picking up things on the screen by hand” and “Needs to get out and earn some money”. You’ll need a forklift license or at least one which is required to be renewed.

The company’s requirements are as follows.

• A current Osh forklift license or one that needs renewing
• Ability to pass a pre-employment drug test
• Reliability and punctuality
• you to be able to work well in a squad or able to work hard in solo mode

It’s time for you to make use of your skills and get to work.

If you get the job tha doesn’t mean you’ll have less time playing Fortnite.  You can play at work if you want as Fortnite is finally available on mobile devices starting exclusively on Samsung and if you happen to have some other Android device then you will have to register to get access to the game.

Other than that, if you are really good at Fortnite then you can start teaching some kids to earn loads of money as it’s been a thing recently. Websites are available which are looking to hire coaches to teach kids who want to be good enough in the game.

Will you apply for a job like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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