Fortnite Metal Mouth and Zadie Challenges Guide

Remember Metal Mouth and Zadie? Yeah, those two terminator looking skins leaked a while back for Fortnite. Well, they’re out and they look sick. To get them, you need to complete a series of Fortnite Metal Mouth and Zadie Challenges, that we will be guiding you through; so let’s get right into it.

Fortnite Metal Mouth and Zadie Challenges

Once you have purchased the skins from the Item Store, proceed with completing their challenges below to unlock alternate styles for each skin. The challenges are pretty straightforward and easy.

They require you to play Creative Mode so you can sort of cheat to unlock these Fortnite Chapter 2 skin styles faster.

Zadie Skin
The Zadie Skin can be acquired by playing around with the Creative mode of the game. The challenges that you will be completing are as follows:

  • Play 3 Creative games.
  • Buy 10 items from Vending Machines in a Creative Match. (Unlock Brown/Bronze-Style variation)
  • Deal 250 damage to other players using Pistols in a Creative Match.

Completing all three challenges will give you a white variation of the Zadie skin.

The first challenge can be completed by simply playing three Search and Destroy matches. The other two challenges should be relatively easy to complete after you make your own Creative island.

Once you got the island ready and done, go ahead and spawn in 10 Vending Machines, and buy those ten items to complete the second challenge.

For the third challenge, get a friend of yours into the Creative island and shoot them with a pistol until your challenge completes. Pretty easy.

Metal Mouth Skin
The bad ass Metal Mouth, and personally my favorite skin can be obtained by completing the following challenges.

  • Play 3 Creative games.
  • Arm or defuse 10 Timed Devices in a Creative Match. (Unlock White variation)
  • Deal 250 damage to players using Assault Rifles in a Creative Match.

Completing all three challenges will give you a Brown/Bronze-Style variation of the skin.

The first challenge can be completed easily similar to the first challenge of Zadie’s skin. Get into 3 Search and Destroy matches to complete the challenge.

The second challenge can be completed in the Creative island you previously created. Spawn in the bombs from Search and Destroy and simply activate all of them in order to complete the challenge.

Remember that friend you just shot with a Pistol for 250 damage? Yeah, bring them back and shoot them for 250 damage with an Assault Rifle this time. Say sorry to them if it helps.

Go and get yourself those skins in the v11.50 update! The challenges are easy, and the content is fresh as ever!

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