How to Glide Through Rings as Clark Kent in Fortnite

The Superman Quests, at long last, have arrived in Fortnite. There are a number of Superman-related challenges in Fortnite, and one of them demands the player to glide through the rings as Clark Kent. In this guide, we’ll help you complete that challenge as well as tell you how to get the Clark Kent skin!

How to Glide Through Rings as Clark Kent in Fortnite

Before we get to flying through rings, we need to get ourselves the Clark Kent skin!

How to get the Clark Kent skin in Fortnite

To get the Clark Kent skin, you’re required to complete a few challenges. Unlocking the Clark Kent skin is not hard.

All you are required to do to get the Clark Kent skin is complete a few challenges from three NPCs named Beast Boy, Clark Kent and Armored Batman.

Here is the precise location of the NPCs

  • Clark Kent: The Orchard north of the Corny Complex
  • Armored Batman: Dirty Docks, on the edge of water close to the crashed Alien Saucer.
  • Beast Boy: Weeping Woods, walking on the bridge

After locating the NPCs, completing any five of the quests from these will do, and you will get Clark Kent skin as a reward.

Gliding Through Rings as Clark Kent

Now that you’ve unlocked the outfit, here is how to glide through the Rings.

The rings that you are required to glide through are positioned above the Weeping Woods in the air. There are five rings in total and to get the quest done you will have to glide through them all. They are placed in a row.

Since they are pretty high up in the sky, gliding through them by jumping off the Bus when the match begins is the right way to do it.

The rings are rather big and they shine bright with a yellow color. Dropping above the Weeping Wood, you’ll spot them quite easily. They slowly go towards the ground, with the last ring in line with the ground.

Now talking about how to glide through the rings in one go, you can go through the first four rings fast, and it should be a piece of cake. However, for the fifth ring, you are required to slowly hover down into it. That should seal the deal!

You should get the Daily Planet back bling after gliding through all five rings. Make sure that you have the Clark Kent skin equipped, otherwise, the quest will not be completed. You will have to go through the rings once more for the quest to work, this time wearing the Clark Kent skin.

Another perk of completing this challenge is that using a phone booth unlocks the Superman Skin after landing as Clark Kent. Change into supes and get all the Superman challenges done!

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