How to Get Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3

The familiar and popular friendly neighborhood Spiderman has finally swung his way into Fortnite Chapter 3. In this guide, we’ll let you know how you can get Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3 and swing your way to a victory royale.

How to get Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3

To get access to Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3, you need to have the Battle Pass. Players can get the Battle Pass by purchasing it from the in-game store.

The cost for this Battle Pass is 950 V- Bucks. However, you can also get the Battle Pass through ‘Fortnite Crew’ monthly subscription service.

Spider-Man can be accessed on Page 9 of the Battle Pass. You either need to have 75 unlocked rewards in your inventory or reach Level 80 to gain access to page 9 in the first place.

You need 9 battle stars to get access to Spiderman in particular. This isn’t much considering you’ll get 5 stars on each level up.

On the same page, you’ll find a bunch of other cosmetics like the gliders linked to Spiderman. These can also be unlocked with some stars.

Completing all levels of the Battle Pass, then one can also get access to bonus cosmetics related to Spider-Man by going to Bonus Section.

How to Unlock Symbiote Suit Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3

To get the iconic black suit for Spiderman, you need to unlock Page 10 of Chapter 3, Season 1 Battle Pass. To unlock page 10, you need to unlock 90 items or reach level 90.

Moreover, you need both the ‘Web Head’s Knapsack’ Black Bling and the original Spiderman outfit from Page 9.

Now, you will be able to buy the Symbiote Suit for 8 Battle Stars. To equip Spider-Man with the Symbiote Suit, follow the steps below.

  • Choose Locker
  • Select Spider-Man
  • Next, click on Edit Style.

How to Unlock Future Foundation Suit Spiderman in Fortnite Chapter 3

This fan-favorite style can be accessed from the Bonus Section of Battle Pass on Page 2. Its prerequisites are 104 claimed rewards. This means everything from the pass previously.

So, if you want the complete Spiderman experience, you’ll have to finish up everything in this battle pass.

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