Fortnite Chapter 2 Upgrade Bench Locations Guide

With the help of an upgrade bench, you can improve the quality of your guns in Fortnite Chapter 2 so we have some locations where you can find them

Everyone wants to get rid of low-rarity guns in Fortnite Chapter 2 which is possible to do so by using upgrade benches. In order to upgrade your weapons, we need materials that would get you a much better weapon. The new map of Fortnite has these benches in several places. In this guide, we will list down all the upgrade bench locations in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Upgrade Bench Locations

Upgrade benches are extremely beneficial to your gameplay and upgrading your weapon for a better rarity one would make a huge difference and could be the reason you get a Victory Royale.

Different amounts of materials are required in order to upgrade your gun’s rarity. In summary, we need 150 wood, metal and brick to upgrade from an uncommon gun to a rare one and if you are going from rare to epic then you need 250 of the materials mentioned above.

Below are all the upgrade bench locations in Fortnite:

Dirty Docks

  1. You can find this upgrade bench in the disused workshop that is to the north of the Dirty Docks
  2. This one is also present in Dirty Docks near its north road inside a military base.
  3. You have to go inside the building that is at the junkyard in Dirty Docks
  4. Go to the north of Dirty Docks and find this upgrade bench inside a garage

Pleasant Park

  1. This bench is in the east of Pleasant Park in the gas station
  2. You would have to go west from Pleasant park and find this upgrade bench near the river inside a military base

Retail Row

  1. You can find this Upgrade bench inside a building that has a chain-link fence surrounding it which is present in the southeast of Retail Row
  2. Go to Retail Row and look for a water tower that has a bench under it inside a generator room

In the middle of Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks
You can either go north of the Dirty Docks or south of the Steamy Stacks and find this upgrade bench in the middle of these two areas besides a road that runs in between them

Craggy Cliffs

You can see on the map where the upgrade bench in Craggy Cliffs would be.

Weeping Woods

  1. This bench is located near the trailer park in the southeastern area of the forest.
  2. Go the western edge of the Weeping woods and find this bench inside a factory
  3. At the camping ground that are in the east of Weeping woods there is an Upgrade Bench inside a garage
  4. There is a garage close to the dam that is in the east of Weeping Woods. This small garage has an upgrade bench

Small Island
This upgrade bench is located on the small island inside a wooden shack which is in the north side of small island

Frenzy Farm
This one is in the west of Frenzy farm in the eastern part of the drive-in theatre present inside a white wooden shack

Holly Hedges

  1. Go to the big white house in the northwest of Holly Hedges present on a cliff. The upgrade bench is in the garage of this house
  2. Go to the South of Holly Hedges and find this workbench by the south road inside a big hangar

Slurpy Swamp
Go to the northwestern corner of the Slurpy Swamp complex and find this one on the top floor of the building there

Misty Meadows
You will have to go southwest of Misty Meadows in the hills and find this one in the military base there

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