Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Weapons Guide

With the end of Season X and the beginning of Chapter 2, Fortnite has gone through quite an overhaul; many...

With the end of Season X and the beginning of Chapter 2, Fortnite has gone through quite an overhaul; many weapons and items have completely been removed from the game. Players are bound to feel quite jarred by the sheer amount of changes and subtractions – so much so that many may wonder if there’s even anything worthwhile left in the game.

Fortnite Chapter 2 New Weapons

Epic Games has provided players with all new weapons to toy around with; weapons we will go over in this guide. After having many of our favorite guns vaulted, players were, understandably, a little peeved, so to appease the fanbase, Chapter 2 features a several new weapons, in addition to the weapons that haven’t been vaulted. The following are all the new guns available in Chapter 2:

Bandaid Bazooka
The most unique of the new weapons available in the game; the Bandaid Bazooka will take up two inventory slots – yes, two – but it isn’t a weapon per se. It functions as a healing item, the one who has it equipped can fire bandages at their teammates and instantly heal them. It’s the perfect item for Squad Matches, not so much for Solo play however.

Pump Shotgun
After the removal of the pump action shotgun in season X, fans will be ecstatic to see something similar in the new update.

2nd Shotgun
Currently without a name, the update will actually bring to the table a set of two, unique shotguns. Both capable of doing high damage at a moderate rate.

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle
A common or uncommon weapon that can be trusted to do a large amount of damage to the enemy.

Sniper Rifle
Another sniper rifle, one that has a higher rate of fire but is not as trustworthy in long-range as the previous one.

AUG Burst Assault Rifle
This weapon is arguably one of the most powerful currently in the game. Doing a ridiculous amount of damage per shot, getting 3 consecutive hits will drain a person entirely of their shield or health; a powerful and reliable weapon.

Rocket Launchers
The Rocket Launcher is an interesting new addition, as it is not as rare as one would imagine; either grey or green, this item will become a more common commodity.

The newest handgun is either of purple or gold rarity, meaning that it is a powerful weapon capable of doing immense damage. It is also semi-automatic, making it a valuable and desirable weapon.

Now let’s take a gander at all the weapons that can count their blessings that they weren’t shafted, vaulted, or haven’t been forgotten. The following are all the returning weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Returning Weapons

Tactical Shotgun
One of the most familiar weapons in the game is still alive and kicking. A reliable weapon irrespective of rarity… although the Rare Tactical Shotgun is quite nice.

Assault Rifle
The base assault rifle is a mainstay in the franchise and has been a consistently powerful weapon throughout its run. Its common and uncommon rarity also means that more people are familiar with this one than they are with the following weapon.

SCAR Assault Rifle
Considered by many to be the most powerful and sought after gun in the game, the Scar is a mighty weapon that can take down any player in just a few shots, however, seeing as its or Rare and Legendary rarity, it’s not easy to come by.

Burst Assault Rifle
The basic burst assault rifle is a standard weapon; its common and uncommon rarity a testament to that. It is simply a weaker version of the following weapon.

Outside of the pickax, this is the simplest weapon in the game doing only slightly more damage than an ax swing. Its common and uncommon rarity doesn’t make it a sought after weapon.

Sub-Machine Gun
The MP5 is an oft seen weapon in many games; its increased fire-rate and exceptional handling makes it a useful and advantageous gun, even if its rarity is nothing to boast about.

Epic and Legendary Sub-Machine Gun
The P90 is a weapon, by most accounts, isn’t that much different than the previous one, however it’s a much more desirable weapon due to the increased DPS, making it a more powerful and deadly gun.

Epic and Legendary Rocket Launcher
Unlike the Rocket Launcher talked about in the new weapons segment of this guide, this is the more standard rocket launcher; capable of dealing tons of damage but also being difficult to obtain. The inverse is what makes the latest version of the Rocket Launcher a sought after weapon.

This is all the information currently available but the guide will be updated as more information comes out. However, even with what little we know, Fortnite is going through quite the transitional period and has set itself up for a veritable change. Only time will tell whether this formula change will yield positive or negative results.

Best Fortnite Chapter 2 Weapons

Moving away from fortunes, it’s time we take a closer look at all the new weapons released so far and see which of them can be coveted as the ‘Best New Weapon of Fortnite’, and likewise learn which of these is to be considered as the worst or least desirable.

To preface the following list, it should be clarified that our rankings are based on the usefulness of each weapon and the increases in your chances of victory through your possession of these guns. This means we’ll take a look at their rarity, damage dealt, and overall practicality in the new and unfamiliar terrain of Fortnite.
This list will go from worst to best:

Bandaid Bazooka
This may be a controversial pick but it’s being placed at the bottom due to the following reasons – it takes up two inventory slots and isn’t technically a weapon. Even though it is classified as a weapon, it is, in fact, a healing item. It may be indispensable in Squad matches (only if someone with a designated role carries it and stays out of harm’s way) but is utterly pointless in Solo matches.

If a team is formed in a way similar to that scene in other competitive online games, where they have healers and such, then the Bandaid Bazooka can arguably be the seminal piece of equipment in the entire game.

2nd Shotgun
Another controversial choice, but it’s being placed lower on the list due to its common rarity; it is a basic weapon that, despite doing good damage, cannot be relied upon more than any of the other weapons.

Furthermore, its relatively low fire-rate makes it a more difficult weapon to use. Compared to its counterpart, it is simply not as good a weapon.

Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
Long-range weapons always have a difficult learning curve, many newcomers are simply unable to make full use of such weapons; ultimately preferring close-ranged combat over it. The bolt-action sniper rifle, despite its power, has too much of a learning curve to be recommended to players, especially newcomers.

With that said, if you’re adept with such weaponry, then it’s arguably the best new weapon in the game for you.

Pump Shotgun
Reminiscent of the shotguns from previous seasons, this is a far more reliable shotgun than the one previously listed. Its fire-rate is greater and is a more powerful and capable weapon in close-quarters combat.

A benefit of both shotguns, however, is that they are not exceptionally rare. You are likely to come across at least one shotgun while traversing the new map, so these weapons are most likely going to become your newest best friends.

Sniper Rifle
This may come across as an odd choice but the reason why this is placed so highly is due to the fact that it’s perfect for mid-range combat. It’s not really built to be used in long-range, but the distance it is meant for is something most players will find themselves more comfortable with.

Furthermore, the weapon does immense damage and the increased fire-rate means that players will have less of a difficult time, comparatively, in hitting their targets.

Rocket Launcher
The reason for this weapon’s placement on the list may seem like an odd one, but it’s here because of its lowered rarity. Despite its lowered rarity, which means it will do less damage, a rocket launcher can still be trusted to decimate your enemies. Especially useful when you find yourselves wanting to destroy a large, man-made structure. Its lowered rarity means that you’ll be able to get your hands on multiple of these bad boys in a single match.

As a last ditch effort at victory, the rocket launcher can change the tides of war and bring about victory, having multiple rocket launchers will exponentially increase your chances of besting your enemy.

The Pistol
Despite its rarity, the Pistol is one of the best new weapons in the game. The high damage output coupled with the moderate fire-rate makes it one of the most reliable and powerful weapon so far introduced. Able to chew through shields and health, the Purple or Gold pistol is capable of giving any player the edge if they’re fortunate enough to get their hands on it.

Despite the rarity, it is hard to deny this weapon’s usefulness and power. Furthermore, handgun ammo is very easy to come across, so if you do have this weapon on your person, you’re likely to never run out of ammo!

AUG Burst Assault Rifle
Burst rifles haven’t had the best rep in the past, but that may all change with the introduction of the AUG. A powerful weapon capable of taking out an enemy with full health/shield in two bursts. Its high accuracy and DPS makes it the most powerful new weapon introduced in the game this season.

Being an assault rifle, it only requires medium size bullets, which are easy to come by. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to stumble across the weapon (or get it off of a kill) then you’re set for the rest of the match and have, arguably, the best new weapon introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2!

For now, these are all the new weapons available in the latest revamping of the popular game.

There isn’t much of a difference in the returning weapons, most of you will already know what kind of weapons these are and how much potential they hold. You’re encouraged to test out the newer weapons and see just which of them works for you; I’d be vying for the Rocket Launcher, AUG, and new Handgun if I was you. But for the sake of listing everything down, the following is how we would rank all the returning weapons. The list goes from worst to best:

  • Pistol
  • Sub-Machine Gun
  • Burst Assault Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Epic and Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • Epic and Legendary Sub-Machine Gun
  • SCAR Assault Rifle