Former Bioware Producer Joins Respawn For New Star Wars Video Game

Respawn is making quite a powerful team of developers and crew for their upcoming projects. Apart from a new Titanfall title, the studio is working on a Star Wars Video Game which now has a new producer, Bioware’s Blair Brown.

After spending six full years with BioWare and claimed to be one of the company’s veteran producers, Blair leaves his former job to join the team of Respawn Entertainment for a new Star Wars Video Game. Through a post on his Twitter page, Blair showed his excitement about his new project, not forgetting all his previous work though. He stated:

It’s been an amazingly wild ride but after 6 years, 3.5 games; Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect Andromeda, (something else), and Anthem, I’m leaving bioware next month.

Super excited to start at respawn in July and work on a new star wars game! Eeeee!!!

With such a big name being added to this new Star Wars video game team, there’s something meaningful coming our way. The project is the product of a collaboration with Lucas Films and Electronic Arts. It actually looks a lot like Visceral’s older Star Wars project before the studio got disband.

As with Visceral Games’ former project, it featured action-adventure gameplay and is set in the universe of Star Wars. The project was announced back in 2016 by Game Director Stig Asmussen.

Could those two Star Wars projects be the same? This may seem too far-fetched but with both projects being under the wing of Electronic Arts, anything is possible.

EA announced a few months ago that Respawn will be one of the new studios to be added to their already strong lineup of developers working for them, with the terms of the deal having been previously disclosed.

The deal between EA and Respawn states that EA will pay $151 million in cash and $164 million in long-term equity, which will come in the form of restricted stock units to employees and will be vested over a period of four years.

Speaking of EA and Star Wars Video Games, a recent leak from a person believed to an EA DICE developer, EA is planning to abandon Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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