Rumor: EA is Abandoning Star Wars Battlefront 2

According to Reddit leak, developers are leaving Battlefront 2 behind. Two of the major studios have moved on from Star Wars Battlefront 2

Currently, Battlefront 2 community is shocked and enraged at the state of Battlefront 2 and how EA plans to keep pushing loot boxes in its future games. One would think EA would like to make things better but the company just can’t help but make matters worse for it. According to a recent leak from a person believed to an EA DICE developer, EA is planning to abandon Star Wars Battlefront 2.

One of the Redditors posted an extensive thread that outlined EA’s future plans for Battlefront 2. The source of this information, he claimed, was a random PM from a person claiming to be a DICE developer. To boost his credibility, the developers shared an unreleased image of Princess Leia in Boush Outfit. The outfit was later confirmed by EA in a blog post detailing the future content which gives credibility to whoever this person is.

Since the post is lengthy, let’s just make it easier for you and break it down into key points.

  • EA does not have a 100% established roadmap
  • They adapt and sometimes change plans overnight
  • Next few months will focus on cosmetics and smaller modes (Heroes vs Villians were recently announced)
  • EA is not allowing developers to communicate with the community (It seems the narrative is being controlled)
  • Criterion and Motive are no longer working on the game
  • DICE is the only studio working on Battlefront 2 and DICE is already busy with Battlefield 2018
  • When it comes to bugs do not believe¬†“we are looking into this” or “aware of the situation” as these statements are given without having a certain fix in mind.
  • Some of the bugs exist since beta and may never get a fix
  • Only major bugs are being looked at
  • Only way to get the bugs fixed is to create pressure, be loud
  • Devs handling Battlefront 2 are not experienced enough to fix the bugs
  • Devs will push the bugs under the rug if they can’t fix it
  • EA is keeping a strong eye on Reddit
  • EA is making efforts to make sure another Battlefront 2 like incident doesn’t happen

Follow the link above to read the entire post because there is a lot more information that may interest you. However, this was the sum of it and it is concerning for the community.

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