Forager Puzzles Guide – How to Solve All Puzzles, Rewards, Tips

Forager is filled with puzzles that reward the player with loot for completing them. Most of the puzzles aren’t complicated but to make things a bit easier on the player, we’ve prepared this handy Forager Puzzles Solutions Guide that covers all the puzzles in different areas and how to solve them.

Forager Puzzles Guide

A few of these puzzles are simple enough and fun to solve. We’d definitely suggest you give them a go on your own and see if you can figure them out before reading on.

In addition to puzzle solutions, we’ve also outlined all the rewards that you’ll receive for your hard work in trying to solve these puzzles.

Four Pillars – Grass Biome
Reward: Chest
Each symbol at the top of a pillar represents a number and you’ve to interact with them starting from the number 1 to 4.

Rainbow Pond – Grass Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve this puzzle, you need to hit the little colored mushrooms around it so that they match the rainbow’s colors starting from the top. The order is as follows:

Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple

Ancient Galaxy – Desert Biome
Reward: Ancient Galaxy Seal, 1 Big Chest, and 4 Small Chests
To solve it, you need to move the electric blocks near the batteries to create a pattern. This pattern can be found outside the Ancient Galaxy.

Battery Island – Desert Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve this puzzle, you need an item called the “Thunder Rod” and use it on the battery. Obtain it by completing the Ancient Tomb Dungeon.

Eye Statue Island – Desert Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve this puzzle you simply have to fire an arrow at the Sphinx’s eye.

Flower Island – Desert Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve this puzzle, you need to use the shovel and have the Farming skill unlocked. Read the sign and start digging in the part of the island that does not have any flowers. Eventually, you’ll dig up the 4 tiles that reveal a chest.

Moon Sword – Desert Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve it, you need to learn the Combat skill and craft a sword at the Forge. Once you’ve your Sword, wait until nighttime and hit the Obelisk with it.

Skull Braziers – Graveyard Biome
Reward: Big Chest
Light up the four braziers with a Pickaxe, Bow, or any Flaming Weapon.

Three Dark Bells – Graveyard Biome
Reward: Big Chest
Hit the bells from right to left.

Colored Pedestals – Graveyard Biome
Reward: Big Chest
To solve it, you need to place all the gems on their respective pedestals.

Spike Traps Island – Graveyard Biome
Reward: 4 Skull Chests
Walk over with fairy in a jar or roll over with food. You can destroy the spikes with a Bomb and Thunder Rod.

Frozen Tower Galaxy – Winter Biome
Reward: Frozen Galaxy Seals, Frozen Astronomer, Heart Container, and 4 Chests with Coins/Gems

To solve it you need to translate binary code to normal numbers-set i.e. 5, 3, 4, 2, 4.

Stone Princess Statue – Winter Biome
Reward: Big Chest
First, obtain the Cinderbloom from the Fire Biome Land. Once acquired, place it on the statue that is a flower that glows in dark.

Frozen Chest – Winter Biome
Reward: Big Chest
Attack it with a Sword, Bow or a Pickaxe.

Code Switches – Fire Biome
Reward: Chest
Take notes of every code you see carved on the ground on all the different lands. Those numbers show the order of the code that is:

  • Top: 10, 9, 12
  • Right: 9, 7, 2
  • Bottom: 11, 5, 4
  • Left: 6, 1, 8

Chests on Fire – Fire Biome
Reward: Chest x4
Put out the fires with using ice or a bottled water.

Fire Galaxy – Fire Biome
Reward: Fire Galaxy Seal, Heart Container and 4 chests.
For this puzzle, you’ve to press down switches that will activate or deactivate the switches adjacent to it. The easiest way to solve it is to go from the top-left to the bottom-right.