Forager Archaeology Items Locations Guide

In Forager, once you find the Museum located at Grass Biome, it’s your job to fill it with Archaeology Items....

In Forager, once you find the Museum located at Grass Biome, it’s your job to fill it with Archaeology Items. These Archaeology items are very hard to find as they are rare. You need these items to craft Rods that are used to perform Magic. Our Forager Archaeology Items Locations Guide will tell you the source and cost of each Archaeology Item in the game.

Forager Archaeology Items Locations

As mentioned before, it is your job to fill the Museum in the Grass Biome with rare archaeological items. In this guide, we will provide you with the locations and value of each of those items.

How to Get Archaeology Items

There are three known ways of acquiring these rare Archaeology Items i.e. Fish Traps, Gambling, Mining.

Some items are found by mining at the dig spots in the biomes and some are found by using Fish Traps. Fishing Traps are needed to be placed in the biomes where you can only find items by fishing for them. Unlock the Fishing skill so that the Fishing Trap has 50% more chance to catch an item, making it more efficient.

After successfully finding the Archaeology Items through these three methods, you can place them at the Museum

There are basically 11 Archaeology Items that you’ll have to locate and place at the Museum. Before you go out on a search to find these items, make sure you have a Shovel by unlocking the Farming skill. Also, don’t forget to upgrade the Shovel to the highest level in order to get sand.

Below are the locations and the ways you can get these items, along with the value of each item. Go to the spots and start digging at the Dig Spots or place the Fishing Traps for a chance to get these items.

Archaeology Items Value Source
Lava Eel 200 By using a Fish Trap at Fire Biome.
Skeleton Fish 200 Station/Source-By using a Fish Trap at Graveyard Biome.
Sphynx 200 Station/Source-By mining at Desert Biome.
Sunken Ankh 200 Station/Source-By using a Fish Trap at Desert Biome.
Anchor 200 By using a Fish Trap at Grass Biome.
Dino Egg 200 Mining at Fire Biome.
Fossil 200 Station/Source-Mining at Grass Biome.
Frozen Relic 200 Mining at Winter Biome.
Frozen Squid 200 By using a Fish Trap at Winter Biome.
Kapala 200 Mining at Graveyard Biome.
Onyx Relic 400 Mining at the Void or look inside Void chests.

How to Farm Archaeology Items

To speed up the process of collecting these rare items, use the following skills or potions to get the most out of your Shovel and Fishing Traps.


There is an easier way to get the locations of the Dig Spots in the biome. Get a Shrine by unlocking its skill and place it in the biome of the item you are looking for.

You will be given two random options as an advantage and one of the advantages will point to the exact locations of the Dig Spots. The Shrine will give you the exact location of all of the Dig Spots in that biome. These advantages are random and the Shrine can be used after 45 minutes.

Liquid Luck

You can make a potion at the Cauldron called Liquid Luck that increases the chance of getting rare items from the Dig Spot. To craft the potion, make sure you have Alchemy and Novice Potions skills unlocked

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