For Honor Steam Reviews Become “Mostly Negative”

Nearly two months after release, majority of For Honor Steam reviews continue to criticize the developer for prolonging issues that remain unaddressed.

At the time of writing, an average tally of close to four thousand recent reviews have changed the status of For Honor to “Mostly Negative.” The situation remains dire with overall reviews as well, with just over 16,000 reviews waving “Mixed” opinions.

This wasn’t the case at the time of release. For Honor received stellar reviews from every major publication as well as the initial player-base. The medieval multiplayer title was lauded for its combat mechanics. Some went as far as suggesting that For Honor has a profound future as an esports game.

Unfortunately, excitement for the hack-and-slash fighting game drained away in less than a month. One of the biggest problems with For Honor is an unstable connection. The unreliability aspect threatens majority of players, and those who still play are prepared to be disconnected at any moment. Some have it worse, getting booted from their games at regular intervals. While there is a minor crowd that claims to have faced no such issues, the fact remains that there are many out there who can no longer get into a game without cursing the servers.

Then comes the balancing issues. Surprisingly, when the game first released, many praised the fact that the different classes were substantially balanced. However, as players invested more time, it came to light that the game actually suffers in that regard. The For Honor Steam reviews point out the same element as well. Most recently, third-party tournament organizers took matters into their own hands by banning Peacekeeper from upcoming events.

Finally, there is the problem of grinding. Following last month’s estimation that it would take the average player over two years to unlock everything in the shop, Ubisoft increased the amount of Steel gained per day.

For Honor certainly has many issues that the developer must address. It is actually a very amazing game, if not for its prevailing problems. It will take time, but hopefully Ubisoft will come around to addressing every issue.

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