For Honor Single Player Campaign Discussed by Ubisoft’s Creative Director

Creative Director of For Honor discusses singleplayer campaign, catapult strikes, arrow showers and more.

For Honor was one of the games that looked interesting at the E3 show floor so any new information regarding the game is definitely going up to be shared with our readers.

As it happens, Jason Vandenberghe, the creative director for For Honor had some more tidbits about the game at E3 2015.

Vandenberghe is the same person who revealed the game at the E3 2015 presentation of Ubisoft and in the video here you can hear him talk about the game.

While the demo showed at the presentation was that of a 4v4 multiplayer mode, Vandenberghe confirmed that there is going to be a single player campaign which is “going to be a reason to buy the game on its own.”

He also added that there is going to be a narrative that will be followed in the said mode and not just a single player experience.

If you were wondering whether For Honor is going to have any types of warriors other than Knights, Samurais and Vikings, the developers currently have no plans to add any more of them.

Of course that doesn’t mean each faction will not have it own types of heroes that have their own weapons, armor and combat style! For instance, the E3 demo showed us just the Warden who is from the Knights faction.

Oh and near the end of the interview Vandenberghe revealed that the shower of arrows and flames that you saw in the demo of For Honor is actually one type of a feat that a player triggers! That, or a catapult strike or maybe other such special attacks can be earned as you win games and then activate them when you find the need.

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