For Honor Matchups and Counters Guide

For Honor involves a heavy influence of rock-paper-scissors in when it comes to combat in PvP. Every playable character is strong against and weak against certain other characters. To help out with these pairings, we have prepared this For Honor Matchups and Counters Guide to give you an idea of which character is strong or weak against which.

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For Honor Matchups and Counters

Each hero in For Honor has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. You need to play to their strengths and exploit the weaknesses of enemy heroes if you wish to win the matchup.

Below we have divided all the characters by their factions and listed the counters and strengths of each hero.



Warden is weak against assassins and vanguards. Warden is fairly strong against heavy and hybrid heroes.

Warden’s dash is a little slower as compared to other heroes which is something you should be aware of. The hero also doesn’t boast a whole lot of range and mobility which is why he is easily countered by the likes of Kensei and Orochi.

While facing these heroes, you should avoid going all in and focus on finding openings. Lastly, always dodge the Shoulder Bash on either side or simply roll away. You don’t want to be thrown off a ledge now, do you?


Conqueror is weak against all assassins and Nobushi and Shaolin. On the other hand, the hero is fairly strong against vanguards and heavy heroes.

The reason being; the hero has a relatively slower attack speed and can be dodged without much difficulty. Moreover, the hero has limited mobility which is why heroes like Peacekeeper can strafe around him in circles without getting caught.

A couple of things you need to keep in mind is that the Full Block Stance and combo chains drain stamina relatively fast which is something you need to keep in mind while choosing your battles.

Lastly, Conqueror can’t feint attacks in the traditional sense but has some extraordinary defensive capabilities and infinite offensive chains. Moreover, his Revenge Mode is incredibly threatening and allow him to go against multiple enemies at the same time.


Lawbringer is weak against assassins and enemies with rapid and quick attacks like Shaolin. On the other hand, he’s fairly strong against vanguard and heavy heroes.

Lawbringer’s unblockable attacks are fairly slow and predictable. Try to parry them whenever possible! You also need to make a habit of always dodging after a bash. Lastly, the hero shines when it comes to mid-to-long ranged poke, but falls behind in close-quarter combat.

Also, Lawbringer mostly depends on his reaction to enemy attacks. Parrying and countering are his specialty, so the harder it is to counter an attack, the less viable Lawbringer is.


Peacekeeper is weak against vanguards, heavy and hybrid heroes (currently the weakest hero in the roaster). Peacekeeper can hold up against assassins.

Since this hero is highly mobile, you can’t expect to win with a flurry of attacks – don’t bother! You should also try and keep her at an arm’s length because she doesn’t boast a whole lot of range.

Remember that the only gap-closer at her disposal is her Dashing Thrust attack. However, this attack can be dodged with rather ease.

Moreover, if you force her to whiff her Dashing Thrust attack, you’ll force her into staying vulnerable for a long period of time; allowing you to deal an incredible amount of damage.

Stabbing is Peacekeeper’s one of the best tools. You must avoid getting stabbed at all costs. If you, somehow, get stabbed, you need to back off immediately in order to prevent a follow-up stab or a Guard Break.


Centurion is weak against most Conqurer and assassin heroes. Centurion is strong against heavy, hybrids except Shaolin and vanguards (sometimes may have a hard time against Kensi).

Centurion is a melee based hero, one of its kind. With a short range and many punches and kicks, Cent needs to stay in close range to enemy to land hits. Also this makes is harder for longer ranged heroes such as Lawbringer and Highlander to get a hold of him.

Also with the barrage of attacks, Centurion can continue literally unending chains, continuously dealing damage to stamina making enemies more distressed. As most heavy and vanguards depend on heavy attacks in their combos, low stamina leave them open to more punishes.

The reason Centurion faces short comings in front of assassins is that if he misses an attack, and the assassin dodges to any side, the punish for this can be heavy as due to low range and little to no tracking on non-charged and starting attacks makes it impossible to get the opponent.


Gladiator is weak to Berserker and Orochi and vanguards. Gladiator is strong against heavy, hybrid and some assassins.

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Something Gladiator took too seriously. Gladiator has fast dodges and can land attacks will doing so. Also, the unblockable toe stab Gladiator does makes many enemies vulnerable to him, as he can take this opportunity to start new combos and intense mixups.

What makes him weak is the fact that Berserker, Orochi have similar attacks and can do so with little chances of it going wrong.

Also, vanguards have good ranged attacks, and they cam deal damage in a wider area, that may help in catching the cheesy Gladiator. Also, they switch guards faster and can block most of the dodge attacks as they are blockable.

Black Prior

The last hero for Knights. BP is weak to hybrids, vanguards and Berserker. BP is strong against other assassins and heavy heros.

BP has the most abusing moveset. He can take away the revenge shield, spam the light bash light combo and can literally flip any hero while in all guard stance, making him safe against bost heavy and unblockable attacks. The heavy he delivers are fast and sift and has fair unblockable moves to make him very strong in a battle.

This is why heros who depend on how many hits they land fail. The main reason BP is weak to hybrids and vanguards is because they can quickly feint attacks and guard break.

Also, because they have many tricks to get through the spam attacks and open the all guard. Berserker is also viable due tot he immense hyperarmor he gets, and because he has an excellent heavy combo.

Viking Faction


Raider easily counters heavy, vanguard and hybrids. Raider is weak against assassins.

Despite his obvious aggressiveness, the hero has some weaknesses. Firstly, the hero has short range on light attacks. Moreover, the hero has relatively slower and predictable heavy attacks that can easily be dodged by skilled opponents.

Always remember that the hero’s unblockable attacks cost a ton of stamina so make sure to dodge it, forcing them to either stop using it completely or using it often before running out of stamina. Lastly, after you get hit by a stun, try to dodge/parry the next attacks – you might get lucky!


Warlord is weak against heavy and vanguards. He is fairly balanced against hybrids and strong against assassins.

This hero has an immense HP pool and can take for ages. The hero is stamina-dependent which is something you can exploit. You should also try and break his guard. Lastly, the hero is Defense Stance dependent which is another thing you can exploit and use it to your advantage.

Where Warlord falls is that he does not have many combos, and almost no unblockable. The best he has is a head ram that gives just one guaranteed light, and also his parries just give a single guaranteed light. This makes damaging other heavy heros with high HP a tiresome task.


Valkyrie is strong against vanguard, and hybrid except Shaolin. Valkyrie is weak against assassins and heavy.

The best thing about Valk is her sweep, guaranteeing a heavy and knocking the enemy off their feet. This, with reasonable range and that she has a strong dash which can be smoothly put in combos make her very useful.

This hero basically relies on combos in order to deal any considerable amount of damage. However, these combos are stamina-dependent which is something you need to use to your advantage. The hero also has a shield which is why you should focus on breaking the guard before anything else.

The biggest downfall is that her combos cannot continue if any of the attack is blocked, and this is why most assassins who dodge, or heavy using all guards are hart to be taken out.


Berserker has almost no counters except Conqueror.

One of the first things you need to know about Berserker is that the hero doesn’t have a whole lot of range. Therefore, Berserker players tend to struggle against long-ranged poke. This can be easily managed by closing in on the enemy by a dash attack, or even side dodge lights.

You need to keep this in mind and always be at a safe distance to render their efforts useless. Moreover, every fifth attack of Dance of the Paired Blades is uninterruptible which is why you should always try to roll away from it.

Also, the immense amount hyperarmor Berserker gets make him uninterruptable most of the time and can land many attacks before maintining distance to paln a new strategy.

Another weakness of this hero is his slow recovery time after a block. To maximize this advantage, you should try and block his light attacks which will allow you to execute a successful Guard Break or deal a massive amount of damage.


Highlander is weak against counter heroes like Centurion and Lawbringer, and Assassins. Highlander is strong against heavy, hybrids and vanguards.

Behold the strength of the Viking. Highlander uses a Claymore, giving him high range. The most interesting thing is that Highlander has two combat stances.

In defensive, his light attacks have a low parry (they cancel any light enemy attack and land Highlander’s attacks).

The offensive stance you get by holding heavy is well for dealing with heavy heroes as it delivers an unblockable every time for a heavy and the lights are very fast and can be used to switch guard sides fast to keep the enemy on toes.

However, due to the slow motion pf swinging the giant sword, Highlander does face a hard time against disablers and counter attackers.

Also, his low stamina make is dangerous to go on throwing on heavies.


Shaman is strong against assassins and hybrids. Shaman is weak against vanguards and heavy.

Shaman is somewhat a mix between Berserker and Peacekeeper. She has combos, but her heavy are so slow, they rarely land, and are mostly parried.

However, the bleed she can cause is strong, as she will jump on and bite an enemy inflicted with bleed, healing her and damaging the enemy.

Honestly, this is the only move that actually deals decent damage. Its just light spam for Shaman otherwise.


Jorm is strong against almost all heros. He rarely falls weak against anyone.

One of the most overpowered heros, Jorm has it all. Fast lights. Strong heavy that will stun for a bit. Stamina costing attacks. Bash attacks. You name it you got it.

The light or heavy followed by a guard break, the back and guard break attacks drain enemy stamina, and the second side heavy with that huge hammer will move the strongest of the foes. Jorm has lightning fast lights which are hard to dodge. This make him a very strong hero on the battlefield.

Though the heavy can be easily parried, its rare to see one until after Jorm has beaten the stamina pot of you. This makes him very dangerous.

If Jorm manages to land a second heavy, or bash you when you are out of stamina, you fall, and he gets to land a heavy, which does return your stamina some how, but gives him a shield worth half his HP. Oh Shit moment for all players out their.



Kensei is weak against vanguard and heavy. On the other hand, the hero is fairly strong against assassins and hybrids.

When it comes to Kensei, he’s one of the toughest heroes to master. It’s important to bear in mind that the things that make him stronger are also the things which make him weak in the hands on an unskilled player.

The hero is fairly-ranged, has a slow attack speed, and he must rely on chaining combos together to deal a considerable amount of damage. Also, note that most of Kensei’s damage-dealing attack are overhead so make sure to avoid those.

The hero can also cancel the overhead unblockable attack into a side-attack which is something you need to bear in mind.


Shugoki is weak against vanguard and assassins. On the other hand, he’s strong against heavy and hybrid.

The hero has incredible damage output and uninterruptible attacks. However, if you force him to whiff his attacks, it’ll cause him to lose health which is something you can use to your advantage.

To help you take advantage of this, remember that the hero has fairly slow attack speed, allowing you to dodge his attacks with rather ease. Lastly, do note that his unblockable charging attack can’t be parried so try something different.

Do remember the Hugs Shugoki can give. It will get some health back and is hard to dodge as it has some fair tracking. Also, it can be transition from a heavy anytime, so charging and confusing opponents can be used,


Nobushi is weak against vanguard, hybrid and heavy heros. On the other hand, she’s fairly strong against assassins.

When it comes to her weaknesses, the stamina cost of her attacks and combos tops the list. If you, somehow, manage to deplete her stamina while staying relevant yourself; you should be good to go.

In addition to this, she needs to inflict bleeding on opposing heroes if you wish to dish out any considerable amount of damage. As long as you don’t let her inflict bleeding on you, you should be good to go.


Orochi is weak against vanguards, hybrid and assassins. On the other hand, the hero does fairly well against heavy heros.

The reason being; the hero is capable of dishing out a massive amount of damage but is essentially a glass-cannon. Therefore, if you’re not careful with your attacks, you can get brutally punished in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the hero needs to consistently rely on counter-attacks in order to stay relevant which is something you need to remember!

Another couple of things you need to keep in mind is that the hero has a limited number of gap-closers and the overall HP pool is shallow. Keep these things in mind while fighting Orochi and you should be good to go.

Lastly, note that you can dodge/parry the Storm Rush and should always try to dodge the Lightning Strike.


Shinobi is strong against assassins vanguards and hybrids. Shinobi is weak against heavy heros.

Shinobi is truly a double-edged sword. The ranged guard block he gets, and the fact that he can throw ranged charged heavy attacks makes him the hero with the highest range. Shinobi can be very supportive from far,and up close, have lightning fast attacks and combos with kicks that grant guaranteed hits. But, the biggest issue is that if parried, Shinobi will be pulled and falls, allowing enemy to land two heavy attacks. Also, as he is an assassin, he is weak and mostly lack in close ranged combat.

To sum it up, Shinobi can be a bugger, dealing damage and making you vulnerable from far and a great help to the team, but is weak up close.


Aramusha is a badass double katana wielding hero. He is strong against vanguards and assassins. Aramusha is weak against heavy and hybrids.

Aramusha is also a counter specialist, meaning he can be good if used carefully. His bashes are good and lights are fast enough. The main area where hi lacks is variety, most of the combos are fairly predictable, make it easy to block and even parry.

The all guard with this hybrid is good for going against assassins as it stuns the enemy, but cannot counter unblockables, making it useless in many scenarios. You need luck as much as skill to master this hero.


Hitokiri has no specific counters, and is a strong match against all heros.

Here comes the second most controversial hero after Jorm. Hitokiri is a strong hero, who can land heavies continuously, and has kicks that when used with the heavy will lock the opponent, from a cycle only death will release him from. The sweep Hito does knocks the opponent off and makes him more vulnerable.

The lights are also fast and can be followed by heavy and kick alike. All this with the insta-kill 4th feat, Hito is one hell of a monster to b dealt with. Parries are your best options, as blocking against an unblockable kick will do you no good.

Wu Lin Faction


Tiandi is strong against heavy, hybrids and assassins. Tiandi is weak against vanguards.

Tiandi is the most mobile vanguards, with his palm bash and dodge attacks from no guard state. With well timed feints, Tiandi can continue long chains of dodges with low stamina cost and this gives you an element of surprise. As a vanguard himself, Tiandi has good defense as well, making him very viable in every situation. The best counter to Tiandi is Kensi, with the side dodge heavy attack, Kensi can pretty much best Tiandi.

Jiang Jun

Jiang Jun is a versatile character. Is strong against slower heros like Warlord, Lawbringer and Conqueror. Can be very weak to fast hitters and disablers like Valkyrie, Centurion and Gladiator, or against heros who have hyper armor, like Berserker and Shugoki.

Jiang Jun’s most important ability is his Shifu Stance. This allows him to dodge attacks, as well as regain stamina quickly when in the stance. This makes it impossible for most slow hitters to get to him. Also with his swift and smooth combos, and that he can dodge attack a light or a heavy as he pleases makes it much harder for slower enemies to react and block him.

The Choke Grab allows you to deal damage to stamina and turn the odds in your favor. Jiang Jun does fall infront of heros who are fast and can react to all Jiang Jun attacks, as well as make space fast and get out of hairy situations to regain their stamina.


Shaolin is strong against hybrids and vanguards. Shaolin is weak against heavy and assassins.

Shaolin is a fast character, and has an unpredictable moveset. With the hidden stance, Shaolin can be very hard to counter. Most of his light attacks are lightning fast. The heavy attacks are relatively slow but he does get many unblockables, along many kicks that make it easier to break guards.

The reason he is countered by Heavy is because the lights can be easily blocked by guard stance, and can be punished. The heavy attacks can be dodged or parried. On the other hand, assassins are fast and can attack Shaolin is his hidden stance.

Shaolin has good punishes for parries, so this makes him a great counter to vanguards.


Nuxia is strong against assassins and heavy. Nuxia is weak against vanguards and hybrids.

The best thing that Nuxia features is her hook sword grab, which allow her to land one guaranteed attack. The grab is unblockable and can not be parried, meaning that the only option left is dodging. This along her long and strong combos make it easy for her to eat away health even against enemies who can block almost any attack.

With this, Nuxia can easily be stunned, and has a long recovery time from heavy attacks and after getting hit. Some of her own moves leave her vulnerable to enemies, and she always suffers against heros with any type of bash.


Zhanhu is a balanced hero and only weak against assassin.

Zhanhu has a good range which allows him to take on almost every character in the roaster. The attacks are fairly fast and the zone attack is very good. The side dodge heay and light attacks give more to Zhanhu’s arsenal.

Assassins will be an issue for Zhanhu as they are faster and will catch him even in his dodges

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