How To Play The Conqueror In For Honor

For Honor Conqueror Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Conqueror, playing against him, and tips to win.

Conquerors are heavy-armored knights belonging to elite ranks in For Honor. They are ideal if you have a defensive playing style. One perk of playing with a Conqueror is that it slowly drains the opponent’s stamina with a mix of flails and a heater shield.

What makes them perfect is that they can interrupt attacks with their standard block. The only flaw is that most attacks are slow, so your opponent can easily dodge them. Playing with them is neither too hard nor too easy. All you need to know are some tricks to win.

While playing with him, you need to know every detail about this class, including its moveset, combos, matchups & counters, abilities, feats, and combo chains. This For Honor Conqueror Guide lists everything you need to know about playing as Conqueror, playing against Conqueror, and tips to win.

Conqueror Feats

Tier 1

FeatAbilityDescriptionWhen is it unlocked?
Speed RevivePassiveRevives fallen allies quicklyAvailable in the beginning
ConquerorPassiveCapture and upgrade checkpoints fasterUnlocked at level 5
Body CountPassiveKilling enemies gives you health and staminaUnlocked at level 7

Tier 2

AbilityDescriptionWhen is it unlocked?
JuggernautTrade movement speed for better defenseAvailable in the beginning
Shield BasherPassiveShield-based attacks that deals damageUnlocked at level 9
Fiat LuxThrows a flash grenade, blinding enemies for a few secondsUnlocked at level 11

Tier 3

FeatAbilityDescriptionWhen is it unlocked?
Heal on BlockPassiveBlocking regenerates healthUnlocked at level 13
Punch ThroughPassiveDeals damage on blocked attacksAvailable in the beginning
Pugno MortisThrows an explosive projectile, dealing damage over an areaUnlocked at level 15

Tier 4

FeatAbilityDescriptionWhen is it unlocked?
CatapultCall a catapult strike over an areaUnlocked at level 19
DauntlessAttacks are not interrupted for a short durationAvailable in the beginning
RegeneratePassiveRegenerate health during fightUnlocked at level 19

Conqueror Abilities

Feats improve defensive abilities, but some abilities are perfect for offensive mode. The conqueror has 7 passive abilities, which makes him invincible against his enemies in For Honor.

Can’t FeintConqueror cannot abort a heavy attack and use another
RenownThis ability helps you unlock feats.
Superior BlockThis ability interrupts heavy and light attacks; meaning when an attack is blocked, the enemy is pushed back while losing their attack chain.
Superior Block Heavy AttacksHeavy attacks use superior blocks; this ability becomes useful during counterattacks.
Zone AttackThis means attacking your enemy from a distance.
Charged AttacksHeavy attacks have two charging steps, and this ability helps in charging these attacks. Note that you can still block the enemy’s attacks during charging.
Charge Attack LimitsA player cannot use charge attacks when their stamina meter is empty. You cancel charged attacks by pressing the Feint button.

Conqueror Moveset

AttacksHow to UseDescription
Conscript’s AttritionSeries of light attacks used in different stancesThe Conqueror’s conscript’s attrition performs light attacks while changing the direction between each attack in For Honor. This makes him strike faster and throw off the enemy quickly with an infinite chain.
Final ArgumentTwo light attacks followed by a heavy attackThis combination has weak hits and ends with a powerful blow. You can merge it with Sheild Bash and restart the attacks.
Shield BashUse a dash to move while using Guard BreakThis attack is faster than normal heavy attacks, and most importantly, you can defend yourself with the shield while charging. A variant of this attack is the Charging Heavy Attack, a powerful beginning for a duel. Note that this variant is available outside the lock mode.
Charged AttackWhen you hold the heavy attack button while recharging, it unleashes a powerful attackDuring this, you will be immune to all the enemy attacks but lose a small amount of stamina.
Charging Shield CrushUse Guard Break while sprinting to crash into your enemy with the shieldThis attack throws the enemy on the ground, but note that this is easy to dodge.
Full Block StanceUse Full Block Stance button to hide behind the shieldThese are heavy blows but are slow. Your enemy would probably parry or block the second strike.
Reaper’s CrushTwo powerful heavy attacksThese are heavy blows but are slow. Your enemy would probably dodge or block the second strike.
Zone AttackPress the Light and Heavy attack buttons together to launch a strong attackThis attack hits all the enemies around you and you can use this as long as you have stamina.

Conqueror Counters and Match-Ups

Owing to the slow attack speed and limited mobility, the top three counters for Conqueror are assassins, Nobushi, and Shaolin in For Honor. Coming straight to match-ups, this hero tends to struggle against Peacekeeper and Orochi.

Conqueror Combos

To launch a perfect Combo for Conqueror, you must follow three simple steps: The Opener, The Bridge, and The Conclusion.

For The Opener, your movesets need to be either of the following:

  1. Light Attack: Start with a light attack followed by Guard Break and then a heavy parry.
  2. Heavy Attack: Start with a light attack followed by Guard Break and then a light parry.
  3. Heavy into Mix-Up Shield Bash and then a free light attack
  4. Flail Uppercut: Use this after a successful heavy counterattack from a full-block stance.
  5. Simple Quick Bash after a dodge followed by a light attack

The Bridge can be carried out using the following sequence:

  1. A chained light attack if the stance differs from the strike in the previous step.
  2. A heavy attack in any 3 stances
  3. A heavy attack merged into Mix-Up Shield Bash, followed by a free light.
  4. A heavy Bash that can inflict wallsplat
  5. A heavy cancelled in FBS

The Conclusion has almost the same probability of attacks as The Bridge. Mixing attacks can give around 100 combinations, and you can always create your own combo. To make these combos more effective, you need two key skills: the bait and the delayed chain light.

Here are some basic combos you can use:

  • Light + Delay + Chain
  • Light + Chain + Delay
  • Light + Chain + Delay + Chain
  • Light + Delay + Chain + Delay

Some advanced combos are:

  • Heavy + Light + Heavy into Flash FBS + Punish
  • Heavy + Heavy into Mix-Up Bash + Free Light + Delayed Light
  • Flail Uppercut + Flash FBS into Light + Flash FBS into Heavy + Chain Light
  • Light + Heavy into Flash FBS into Heavy + Chain Light
  • Heavy + Heavy into Flash FBS into Heavy + Heavy Bash Free Light + Delayed Light
  • Flail Uppercut + Flash FBS into Light + Heavy into Flash FBS + Heavy
  • Flail Uppercut + Flash FBS into Light + Delayed Light
  • Superior Block Charged Heavy + Heavy into Mix-Up Bash Free Light + Flash FBS into Heavy
  • Heavy Chain Light + Heavy into Flash FBS into Heavy + Chain Light Flash FBS + Heavy Punish
  • Dodge Bash Free Light + Delayed Light + Chain Light
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