Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids Best Young Players Guide

Learn all about managining the up and coming Wonderkids in Football Manager 2020 to make the best football team there is with our guide

Football Manager 2020, the latest in the long-running management sim franchise is finally out, and we aim to keep you at the top of your game by informing you with the details you need. You are going to be making a team of Football players best suited to win every game they are pitched into. So, what are Wonderkids? These are players that are simply put; prodigies. They have a PA of 150, and are not any older than 20 years (By 1st of July, 2019) in-game. Continue reading for our Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids Ultimate guide.

Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids

Some FM 2020 Wonderkids are too expensive to just pick-up at the start of the game, so we will be showing you your viable options within your budget, so you can make the best out of the resources you have and make a great Football team with the players most suitable to each position.

The guide will focus on the initial part of the game and what players you can pick up that will prove to be both extremely budget-friendly and the best in terms of their own skill. This way you can create the best team possible and head right into the game whilst being at the top of the field.

Best Goalkeepers
Do you want a promising keeper who will be able to become an amazing player for your team? Check out this list of the Wonderkids we have compiled. The best in his price would be Manuel Gasparini, who belongs to the Udinese Club and is of only 17 years of age with a value of £105,000. Others you can pick are as follows.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Manuel Gasparini 17 Udinese 115,000
Ivan Martinez 17 Osasuna (Atletico Pamplona) 150,000
Phelipe Megiolaro 20 Gremio 40,000
Marco Carnesecchi 18 Atalanta 140,000
Federico Ravaglia 19 Paris Saint-Germain 140,000

You will find the above Goalkeepers a bang for your buck. Ivan Martinez and Manuel Gasparini are definitely one of the better options; as he has great abilities under his belt, and both at a great age of 17 can offer work for an extended amount of time.

Best Full-Backs
The Full-Back roster consists of various players you can utilize in your team. One of the cheaper options you will find in the list mentioned below would be Toni Herrero, with a promising set of skills, he is only 18 years old, costing 500,000 to 1 million euros with only 2 thousand euros in wages.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Toni Herrero 18 Levante 130,000
Zlatan Sehovic 18 FK Partizan 170,000
Josha Vagnoman 18 Hamburger SV 1,210,000
Federico Ermacora 19 Udinese 50,000
Noah Katterbach 18 FC Koln 180,000

All the youth players in the above roster are more or less in your budget. Each of them has a great skill-set along with a completely reasonable price.

Best Centre Backs
Center Backs are expensive, and when you are on a tight budget at the start of the game, you might not find the correct people to fill the place. Although, we can recommend the best you can get on a budget.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Melvin Bard 18 Lyon 440,000
Sebastian Walukiewicz 19 Cagliari 990,000
Jonathan Panzo 18 AS Monaco 420,000
Lukas Mai 19 Bayern Munich 560,000
Luis Felipe 18 Coritiba 20,000

With Melvin Bard being one of the best players you can get for a price, Luis Felipe isn’t a bad option either if you have over-spent in some other aspect of your team.

Best Midfielders
Job of the Midfielder is to keep mid, center mid and attacking mid covered. An exceptional player for this role is Exequiel Palacios, although with a high price, but for a good reason. He has 16 passing at the start of the game, and if you do not act quick, he will be taken by another team.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Exequiel Palacios 20 River Plate 2,910,000
Thiago Almada 18 Velez 2,000,000
Agustin Almendra 19 Boca Juniors 1,900,000
Florent Da Silva 16 Lyon 90,000
Fausto Vera 19 Argentinos Juniors 1,490,000

You would find Florent Da Silva to be extremely young and cheap. At that age, he can have a promising future, so if you wish, snag him while he’s available.

Best Wingers
You are going to need extremely athletic and fast Wingers if you want your team to be strong. Having someone who can shoot strong and cross a ball is paramount. Rober from Real Betis is just the perfect choice with a price of only £62,000, along with an impressive line-up of skills.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Rober 18 Real Betis 60,000
Francisco Trincao 19 SC Braga 1,330,000
Lazaro 17 Flamengo 20,000
Gabriel Veron 16 Palmeiras 20,000
Pelayo Morilla 17 Real Sporting Gijon 170,000

Lazaro and Gabriel Veron are not bad for second options either. They provide good value for their money too and will last longer due to their age factor making them some of the best youth players.

Best Strikers
You are going to want a strong striker who can keep the game on the other side for as long as possible, and keep the pressure on the team for extended periods of time. For this purpose, the best guy is the young 16-year-old Matias Arezo. Being very young and prodigal in terms of skills, he is priced at 600,000£.

Name Age Club Value (£)
Matias Arezo 16 River Plate de Montevideo 600,000
Jose Juan Macias 19 Deportivo Guadalajara 760,000
Leonardo Marcos 16 Santos 20,000
Nahuel Ulariaga 17 Godoy Cruz 500,000
Peglow 17 Internacional 20,000

Manage your roster in accordance with these players, pick according to your budget and make sure to fill up the most important vacancies in each role, and you will find yourself at the front of the league with the best Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids.

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