Football Manager 2020 Release Date Set for November 19th

The release date for Football Manager 2020 is out. The game is coming to PC on November 19th, in both physical and digital editions.

Football fans, the waiting is over. The release date for Football Manager 2020 is finally out. According to the original announcement, the game is coming to PC on November 19th, in both physical and digital editions.

2020 will be a huge year for Football Manager, since SEGA intends on releasing the game in mobile too. With Google Stadia on the way, having its “dibs” on the console version of the game, we’re looking at a great win for the famous franchise.

Apart from Football Manager 2020 on PC, which will release exclusively on Steam, there will be two more games releasing on mobile devices. Football Manager 20 Touch will become available on PC, Android and iOS on November 19th, while Football Manager 20 Mobile will be a mobile exclusive.

As the announcement reveals, the Google Stadia release date for Football Manager will release soon. The same goes for Nintendo Switch, following last year’s tradition.

In related news, Sports Interactive has presented a new version of the physical packaging of Football Manager 2020. Interestingly, the box is made of recycled cardboard, making a statement for the future of physical video game copies.

Football Manager won’t release without its annual new features though. According to the game’s official website new mechanics are coming, like the Development Centre. The Development Centre is an all-encompassing hub, which you can use to track the progress of your players. It sits on the sidebar in place of the sections that previously existed for your youth, reserve and development squads. In addition, the game will include graphic improvements across its spectrum. This includes new player models, new stadium graphics and better lighting.

Those who pre-order Football Manager 2020 will have access to a PC beta version of the game. In addition, there will also be a physical format version for the PC. Sega also announced that details regarding the new game features will be unveiled in September via the official Football Manager website and social media.

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