Football Manager 2019 Formations Guide

At its most technical, the sport may not be about the players and what they can bring to the table but how well the manager can create a viable formation that covers all options and is ready to adapt to any changes on the pitch. Below, we look at some of the most prominent formations in Football Manager 2019.

Football Manager 2019 Formations

The football pitch is an elaborate chessboard where you need to wait for the opponent’s turn, adapt and then perform your own’s.

Organization of these chess pieces is vital because it plays into important aspects of the game including control of space, utilization of player’s strengths in each position effectively and most importantly, looking forward to any opportunity that your team can avail.

Before you actually opt for a certain formation, it’s highly recommended to go through the “Team Report”.

Here, you’ll be clarified of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you an idea of selecting the best possible formation e.g. a team with weak wingers may require some attacking midfielders for support so a 4-4-2 formation might be best.

Additionally, *some wonderkids can bring* a whole lot to each of your position of play if utilized properly. With those points in mind, let’s discuss some of the more important formations in FM2019 below:

4-4-2 Formation

This is balance tactical formation that’s suited for various approaches. Having four defenders suggest that you’re not prone to counter attacks, or could quickly adapt to stop one.

Two of the four midfielders ahead can drop in as defensive midfielders should you want your team to hold onto the lead, especially if it’s a marginal one towards the end of the match.

If your team’s trailing and a more offensive approach is to be taken, then two of the midfielders can pose as attacking midfielders supporting the wingers or strikers ahead. Thus, a lot of instructions work with this style.

4-2-3-1 Formation

With this formation, you’re always going for dominance and offense to bag as many goals as your team can. The formation specializes in keeping possession and manipulating it to create opportunities.

Thus for this matter, players with good passing attributes and pace are most suited to this style of play.

The defense is as strong as ever because of the four defenders at the back, while the sole striker ahead has support from three pace-ed attacking midfielders.

The gegenpress play especially will apply a lot of pressure on the opponent for retrieving the ball and thus possession.


Although for the majority of the match, it’s generally a defense-focused orientation, to tell you the truth, this is the approach of extremes.

The five defenders at the back will ensure that a solid wall is formed that isn’t broken by the opponent’s offense. The job of the two strikers in front is to pace forward whenever there’s a chance for a counter attack.

Therefore, should the defense get possession, the ball can be played forward to catch the opponent’s team completely off-guard with a quick and deadly counter attack.

4-4-1-1 Build

This is the definition of the “Park the Bus” strategy. Though it makes for a more boring style, it’ll most likely get you the results that matter.

When you’re especially risking to be relegated, a good defensive side that will squeeze out the win even if it’s as marginal as a 1-0 victory.

For this purpose, you’d need defensive minded players and ones that excel on controlling and holding the ball. You’ll get some rare counter-attack chances here and there, so a striker should be one for pace and agility.

4-3-3 Build

This formation revolves around high possession. It’s basically made for your team to score as many goals as they can.

One thing to keep in mind is that your team has to get comfortable with this formation before they start using it effectively.

Having strong attacking support AMCs on both sides of the main center-forward or main center-striker, and having good fullbacks is very important for this formation to work.

4-2-4 Formation

This formation focuses on defense. It will turn your team into a tank, granting amazing speed and re-composition. This formation allows for very quick recovery of the ball.

A key element for this formation is that you put a point guard on the right and a striker on the left

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