Football Manager 2019 Best Free Agents Guide

Sometimes, even the best of teams do not have the budget required to get a good player. Whether you want to get a player that could be the star player of your Division 2 Team or you need a bargain to fill in the squad roles, our Football Manager 2019 Best Free Agents Guide will ensure you are aware of some of the best FA available to you from the start.

Football Manager 2019 Best Free Agents

These players are available since they do not have a contract with any club. What that means is that you will not need to pay a transfer fee in order to sign these players.

Naturally, players who have a rating of 80 or more can be first team starters in the average Division 1 Team.

75-80 usually has your squad players and those who are usually used as backups. 70-75 are used for Division 2; 65-70 for Division 3, the list goes on.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at 5 of the best players that you can use at the start of your first season.

Remember that more and more free agents will become available with each passing season, so take note of whose contract is running out and snap the stars up for free when you can!

Samir Nasri
This former Arsenal midfielder has a rating of 82, the highest of any free agent currently available. He is an attacking midfielder who can play on all 3 sides.

The main selling point of Nasri is his exceptionally high rating. One drawback of this rating is the fact that you cannot sign him if you are playing around in the lower divisions, so you are only going to be able to sign him if you are in Division 1.

Dimitar Berbatov
The former Fulham and Manchester United striker brings a wealth of experience along with him when he joins your club. He has a rating of 80 and can be the target man that is exceptional with his headers.

The main drawback that he has is the fact that he is 37 years old, meaning that he will only be a part of your club for around 2 years or so before he retires. Another drawback that goes along with his age is that he is very slow.

Since Berbatov was never a player that was known for his speed in the first place, this means that you are going to have to play a style that tries to use his head as much as possible rather than his legs.

Assane Gnoukouri
Assane is from Ivory Coast and hopes to follow in the footsteps of the Toure brothers. He is an exceptional defensive midfielder like his hero and has a rating of 78.

This rating is massively helped by the fact that he is currently only 21 years old, meaning that there is a fair amount of growth that he will go through before he starts to stagnate.

This is a player who will last a long time in your squad and can be a good investment for any Division 1 team. If you are looking for a good and versatile midfielder then Assane is your man.

Robbie Keane
Yes, Robbie Keane is still a football player. With a massive pedigree of having played for both Liverpool and Manchester United, Dimitar Berbatov can perhaps only match the experience that he brings to your team on this list.

This striker who is an all-out goal scorer, and will be perfect for a mid-tabled Division 1 or a top-tier Division 2 team needs a striker that can bang in goals as well as bring in some leadership to the team.

Ionut Rus
Ionut Rus is a Goal Keeper, and he is only 18 years old. Seriously, grab this guy before someone else does. He currently has a rating of 77, which is bound to get only better and better as the time passes by.

The Romanian will be perfect for a Division 2 Team who needs a keeper that can also handle the duties of a Division 1 League just a few years down the road.

Benoit Tremoulinas
Benoit Tremoulinas an incredibly versatile full-back who’s on par with all the other Premier League players, while also being a free agent.

This 32 year-old may very well be the most talented free agent in the game, as he is shines in every single attribute.

Papy Djilobodji
Papy Djilobodji is only 29 years old, so he’s playing at his prime right now. This is evident by his stats; particularly his pace, jumping reach, balance and natural fitness which sit at >15.

Djilobodji is a great choice for a defender at Championship level.

Robert Huth
33 year-old Robert Huth has won the Premier League twice, so he brings quite a lot of experience with him. His attributes are very impressive, with 17 for headers, tackling and strength, and 15 concentration.

In the Premier League, Robert is an excellent choice for a backup center-half.

Diego Cavalieri
The best thing about 35 year-old Diego Cavalieri is that he isn’t bothered by being on the bench. This makes him an excellent second-choice goalkeeper, especially considering the fact that he’s a free agent.

Most of Diego’s stats hover around 12, but his one-on-ones, rushing out, leadership, and reflexes stats are at an impressive 14 while his agility shines at 15.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson, a full-back, is another free agent that is at the level of Premier League players. Though his stamina and passing are sub-par, his other stats are very impressive; namely his 13 crossing and dribbling.

Johnson works best in Championship clubs that require experience and technical prowess in the final third.

Patrice Evra
Despite being the older than the other guys in this list (37 years old), Patrice’s stats are nothing to scoff at.

With 15 teamwork and leadership, and 17 natural fitness, Patrice doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses to him. His stats will go down in his first year, but a short contract with him will still be worth it

Bonus: Emmanuel Toku
Toku is an attacking midfielder who brings along with him the African flair when he joins your team.

He is only 17 years old and has a rating of 76, making him perfect for a Division 1 Team who wants to grow a youngster into an excellent player or a Division 2 team that needs a fast moving, goal scoring midfielder to bolster their ranks.

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