Football Manager 2018 Beta Is Available, Play It Now On Steam

Football Manager 2018 is getting its official release in two weeks and before that, the Football Manager 2018 Beta was announced to start today on Twitter. All those who pre-ordered the game can now go ahead and download the game on Steam and start playing.

According to the announcement, the Football Manager 2018 Beta will only include the game’s single player career mode with online play added in the coming days. That practically means that Fantasy Draft and Online Career modes are disabled as we can see from the Beta Build Notes. Also, the data editor, Steam workshop, and FM store will only be available with full release and won’t be active as part of the Beta.

If you purchased a copy of Football Manager 2018 outside of Steam then you can activate your key by doing the following:

1. Download and/or open the Steam client
2. On the top toolbar, click ‘Games’
3. Select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’
4. Follow the instructions and input your code to install the FM18 Beta

Lately we’ve seen Football Manager 2018 Fantasy League coming back this year with “a slicker, cleaner look and is loaded with more gameplay options for you to prove your managerial ability” as well as the Dynamics feature, which is a mechanic that tries to give a realistic take on how the relationships in the locker room can play a huge role in a match’s outcome.

You can pre-order Football Manager 2018 for 54.99 euros or your regional equivalent, and if you want to pre-order Football Manager 2018 Touch, you can pre-order that on Steam for 29.99 euros. Any progress that’s made during that beta period will also carry over to the actual game, so you can get a leg up on other teams if you decide to pre-order it. The game itself comes to PC on November 10 through Steam.

Football Manager 2018 Touch will apparently be included for free with the main game. With it only focusing on team tactics and trading players, the seasons will progress faster and you don’t have to balance your team’s performance with the media attention that comes with it.

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