Erica Devs Say Playstation 5 SSD Will Push 4K In FMV

Flavourworks believes that their games after Erica can benefit from the Playstation 5 SSD in order to push video quality to 4K. Find out more...

Erica is one of those games that you could easily pass by without noticing but you clearly shouldn’t. Released as a Playstation 4 exclusive back in August, Flavourwork’s first game established its presence in the industry while sparking the flame for Full Motion Video (FMV) titles. The studio believes that the introduction of a Playstation 5 SSD will make their games even better, pushing their video to 4K resolution.

In the most recent issue of Playstation Magazine (issue 170), Jack Attridge, co-founder and creative director at Flavourworks talked about the concept of Erica and how it managed to squeeze its way into a harsh industry as well as what their plans are for the next generation of consoles. According to him, Playstation 5 with an SSD will prove a huge upgrade for their type of games, pushing video to 4K and ultimately enhancing the experience. He stated:

“I imagine the next one will be on PlayStation 5. I think the Playstation 5 SSD will be great for everybody. Because it just means you can load stuff quicker. People will feel that in terms of the speed of things […] For live action that gives us the opportunity of just being able to do things in 4K, for instance.”

To top that, Attridge talked about the success of Playstation 4 and why it managed to surpass its competitors. According to him, art directors pushed the limits for the console by bringing amazing results to ultimately difficult tasks:

“The best-looking games in the world right now are on a PlayStation 4. That’s down to art direction, not power, you know, art directors and technical geniuses being able to squeeze more out of less.”

Flavourworks will not stop at Erica and will tackle new projects with Playstation soon. Attridge believes that this is the best time for risky moves in conceptualization, so we can’t wait to see what genre their next game will be set it. Given the success of titles like Until Dawn and Man of Medan, we wouldn’t be surprised if an FMV horror title came our way when the next Sony console releases. Will the Playstation 5 SSD change that much when it comes to games like Erica?

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