First Two Ubisoft VR Games Detailed, Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within

Ubisoft has released a video through its official blog, which details the two upcoming Ubisoft VR games; Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within.

Eagle Flight is an adventure in which players take a role of an eagle and fly in skies above Paris, set fifty years after humans have disappeared. through the eyes of eagle, players will dive through the city streets in a mixture of open world missions and multiplayer battles.

While, Werewolves Within is a more intimate experience that brings you closer to other online players to investigate, confer, conspire and accuse, all of this in attempt to find and kill werewolves hiding in your midst before they kill you.

Beginning of every match, player roles are re-assigned, an there is only one chance to get it right. if players eliminate the wrong player then the werewolves wins.

According to  Mikel Reparaz, communication manger at Ubi blog:

This year, Ubisoft will take two big steps into virtual reality, beginning with Eagle Flight – an aerial open-world game about eagles in a post-human Paris – and continuing with Werewolves Within, which invites groups of players to rat out their neighbors as they work together to find out who among them is a monster in disguise. Experiencing these games through a VR headset makes them feel almost real; seeing a 3D Paris spread out before you with a clear sense of height and distance is exhilarating, while the three-dimensional presence of the townsfolk in Werewolves Within gives the game a conspiratorial closeness.

Till now VR have been filled with games from indie developers, but soon the big publishers will be getting in on the action. Not only Ubisoft, but FromSoftware is also developing its next game for VR which releases in 2017.

Both Ubisoft VR games; Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within will release in 2016 and will be beginning of what Ubisoft has planned for VR.

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