First DayZ Console Prototype Expected in Q1 2016, Won’t Hit Xbox Preview Program This Year

DayZ is heading to consoles in early 2016, according to an announcement made by Bohemia Interactive. The game will not be available Xbox Preview this year.

DayZ console build is expected in 2016, according to Bohemia Interactive. The developer also announced that the game won’t hit Xbox Preview program this year.

The game will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This clears up any confusion over which platforms the game will release. It is on PC already, first build on consoles will be available early next year.

DayZ is an online open world zombie survival game that is highly popular on PC. For a long time, fans were demanding a console version of it and finally after such a long wait, we know when to expect DayZ on consoles.

Looking forward to DayZ?

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