Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Shamir Guide

Shamir is one of many playable characters in the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Mercenary by trade, she officially works for the Church of Seiros and helps them eliminate all the foes that stand in their way. She often offers weekend seminars in Lances and Bows at the Officers Academy.

This guide will break down all you need to know about Shamir in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, including her combos and which class to use.

How to Recruit Shamir

The only way Shamir can be recruited is when you encounter her as an enemy. You can then use your 20 Strategy points in persuading her to join you after defeating her in battle.

For the Scarlet Blade route, you will encounter Shamir in Chapter 09: Unrest in Enbar.

For the Azure Gleam route, you will encounter Shamir in Chapter 09: Reunion at the Fortress City.

For the Golden Wildfire route, you will encounter Shamir in Chapter 03: The battle for the Locket.

Best Class for Shamir

The best class for Balthus is Archer. Archers take entire advantage of their ranged weapons and they can follow up the class ability with any regular attack for better mixups so you can end your opponents fast.

Best Class Abilities for Shamir

Archer’s Wisdom

It increases the overall damage dealt by the archer class, sniper, and bow knight class.

Tracking Shot

This ability fires a series of arrows in rapid succession towards the locked target

Bow Prowess

It increases the overall damage dealt with enemies when equipped with a bow.

Point-Blank Volley

This ability attacks a wide forward area with three consecutive shots.

Shamir Unique Abilities

Luminous Prayer

This is an Action-Type ability that has a chance to spawn orbs of light around the unit when doing regular attacks.

Lily’s Poise

This is a Support-Type ability that whenever Shamir recovers HP, her adjutant also recovers an equal amount of HP.

Healthy Curiosity

This is a Tactical-Type ability that reduces damage received from enemies when ordered to seize.

Shamir Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
X Lose a flurry of arrows on a target area. The longer you hold X, the stronger the attack will be.
Y X Launch a sweeping attack that hurls enemies into the air and then shoots them down.
Y Y X Shoot a series of regular arrow attacks and finish with a bursting arrow shot
Y Y Y X Unleash a rain of arrows in the surrounding area following a series of regular arrow attacks
Y Y Y Y X Release a series of arrow shots before leaping and shooting a spread arrow attack
Spam Y After a series of regular arrow attacks, loses two sweeping arrow attacks hit surrounding enemies.

Shamir Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I wish I could always be my ideal self, but reality makes that quite difficult. What say you? Encourage him to try to attain it.
It’d be pretty great if you came from outside Fodlan too. Of course, there’s no evidence of that. Laugh and agree it would be neat.
I’ve spent seven years in Fodlan. Can’t believe it’s been that long. Ask her where she’ll go next.
More and more people are making names for themselves in this war. And the bigger the name, the more their head is worth. Declare that you won’t be outdone.
The constant battles make times like this precious. Be happy to hear that from her.
We almost won the battle between Dagda and the Empire-but then one man changed everything. Declare that you’ll surpass him.
Yep. Nice and Quiet. Nod quietly.

How to Use Shamir

While playing as bow class, Shamir deals tons of AOE damage suppressing down enemies making it harder to directly rush you.

Her combo attacks are all mid-long-range attacks that revolve around knocking back enemies. This becomes advantageous if enemy units are at an objective or are trying to push

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