Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Petra Guide

Petra is another member of the Scarlet Blaze who fights alongside Edelgard in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

She prefers her sword in battle and has a few unique abilities to cut down heavily armored units on the battlefield.

The following guide will tell you all there is to know about recruiting and tapping the potential of Petra in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Recruit Petra

In the Scarlet Blaze route, join the Black Eagles and Edelgard to recruit Petra in Chapter 3.

In the Azure Gleam route, you can use Persuade Strategy to convince Petra to join your side in Chapter 4. You will get this opportunity when Petra spawns and attacks near the northeastern corner of the map. Use Persuade Strategy to defeat her and make her choose defection.

Best Class For Petra

The Thief class is the best class you can opt for Petra. Thieves are agile and give high critical hit damage. You will find this class greatly effective against well-armored units due to its fast attacks. Also, the Thief class works better against hard-hitting classes.

Best Class Abilities For Petra

Sword Prowess
This increases sword damage, which is helpful since Petra starts off with an iron sword.

Thief’s Ploy
This gives Thieves a chance to insta-kill non-commander units with class actions.

This increases the number of items you can loot off dead enemy commanders, allowing you to gather more materials and get more upgrades.

Petra Unique Abilities

This is an action-type ability that increases evasion distance and does wind damage every time an attack is dodged.

Hunter’s Boon
This is a support-type ability that restores the Awakening Guage every time you do a critical attack.

Outland Technique
This is a tactical-type ability that increases damage by 30% when ordered to attack.

Petra Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Launch and knock back enemies after one swipe.
Y Y X Does a normal swipe two times and then throws daggers at enemies to knock them out.
Y Y Y X Spins in 360 degrees to hit all surrounding enemies.
Y Y Y Y X Enemies get launched into the air before landing on three ground explosions.
Spam Y Launches a multiple slash attack to knock and push enemies back.

Petra Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
Brigid is between Fodlan and Dagda. We are getting many ideas from both. Hope that trade will flourish.
I read books before coming to Fodlan… but it was still a thing of difficulty. Say she should ask people for help.
I thought Fodlan’s army… but instead, the rules are having much flexibility. Say they should be even more so.
Sometimes a hunt will last for days I have to be sleeping in trees or between rocks. Say you want to hunt too.
We have no horses in Brigid, so riding is still a thing of much newness to me. Ask what they use instead of horses.
We should be training here in secret… and give our friends much surprise. Eagerly suggest you shock them all.
Your hair changes color… this is a thing of much strangeness. Ask about the legend.

How To Use Petra

Since Petra starts off with an iron sword, it reasons that you should focus on strengthening her swordplay. By switching to the Thief class and gaining a ton of critical hit damage, you should be able to take out heavy units on the enemy frontlines. Those critical hits are important as they trigger Hunter’s Boon.

Petra, however, needs a lot of time to become a lethal force. She has low starting stats and needs good gear that can only be found or crafted through progression.

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