Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Pegasus Knight Class Build Guide

The Pegasus Knight class is one of the many intermediate classes you can choose in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

This class has a dual advantage, unlike other classes which are mostly linear in their approach. The lance-wielding Pegasus Knight class can attack from both ground and air with separate combos for both fronts. Furthermore, you can choose to dismount your Pegasus for another standard set of on-foot combos.

The following guide will put out all there is to know about the Pegasus Knight class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Use Pegasus Knight Class

The Pegasus Knight uses a Pegasus to move around the battlefield and this makes it a really useful class against enemies using swords.

The Pegasus can be mounted and unmounted at anytime you want by pressing L+B. In this class, Lance is the main weapon and this class requires units having high agility and movement as you will require it to get the best out of this class.

Remember that the Pegasus Knight class has a good amount of defense against magic but is quite weak to arrows. Hence, the best way to use the Pegasus Knight class in FEW: 3H is by equipping such armor and weapons to this class which will further boost their strong points.

This class is quite vulnerable to the “Effective vs. Fliers” ability, so make sure to avoid any units that have the capability to use this ability on you.

Best Units For Pegasus Knight Class

The following are characters (units) who are best suited for the Pegasus Knight class:

  • Dorothea (Black Eagles)
  • Ingrid (Blue Lions)
  • Leonie (Golden Deer)

Pegasus Knight Class Abilities

Alert Stance
The time you are invincible when dodging gets increased.

Sword Buster Lv 2
Against enemies using swords, you gain 1 tier advantage. Damage done to them also increases by 85%.

Pegasus Knight Class Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Attack with Lance is followed up by a knock wave from the Pegasus. You get airtime at the end of this combo as well.
Y Y X Two attacks with your lance are followed up by a lunge towards the enemies which knocks them back.
Y Y Y X Three lunge attacks with your lance after which a knockback is performed using the Pegasus. In the end, a ground pound is performed which knocks back enemies even more.
Y Y Y Y X First, a lunge is performed at the enemies after which a cyclone is summoned, which launches enemies into the air. You get airtime at the end of this combo as well.
Spam X Slash through the enemies with continuous lance attacks which are finished by a series of lance thrusts at the enemies.

Pegasus Knight Class Airtime Combos

In addition to the aforementioned basic combos, the Pegasus Knight class has a separate combo list when attacking from a high altitude or in air.

Combo Input Combo Description
X Knock back your enemies by diving at them.
Y X Damage enemies using various slash and thrust attacks.
Y Y X First, slash enemies while in the air and then thrust using your lance. In the end, leap towards your enemies to knock them back.
Y Y Y First, slash enemies while in the air and then thrust using your lance. In the end, knock them back by diving at them using your Pegasus.

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