How To Get And Use Materials In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Materials are items or a type of resource in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that you need to improve and upgrade facilities.

You might not need that many Materials at the start but while expanding facilities in the late game, you will eventually come to learn about their significance.

The following guide will explain how to get and use Materials in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Find Materials To Upgrade Facilities

Surveying Spots

You can earn significant amounts of Materials by simply exploring Surveying Spots in the game. However, once a Surveying Spot dries up, you can no longer earn any more Materials.

Once you complete a side quest battle to conquer a region, you will be able to explore the region for its various Surveying Spots. That being said, you will not be able to explore some Surveying Spots until you fulfill its requirements such as getting an S-Rank in a regional battle.

Supply Master

The Supply Master is your sole and best supplier of Materials in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. She will become available in Chapter 5 and offer several types of services:

Deliver Equipment
You can sell your weapons and accessories to the Supply Master for Smithing Stones. The higher the quality of your weapons and accessories, the more Smithing Stones you will receive.

Deliver Resources
You can also sell your food, ore, and materials (as long as you have them in your spare) to the Supply Master for Smithing Stones.

Trade Smithing Stones
Smithing Stones are a type of currency at the Supply Depot. You can use them to purchase Materials from the Supply Master to upgrade facilities. This is a good source for purchasing high-tier Materials. The only problem is that you need to have purchased the Expand the Supply Line upgrades before the Supply Master unlocks high-tier Materials at her shop.

Collect Supplies
You can earn bonus Materials after every battle in the game after unlocking Collect Supplies. The Materials you passively get from here are however random. You can trade the ones you do not need back to the Supply Master for Smithing Stones.

Upgrade Supply Depot

You can improve your Supply Depot facility for better Material yields. Leveling up a Supply Depot will improve the exchange rate of the Supply Master. That means getting more Smithing Stones for selling your equipment and items; and paying less Smithing Stones to purchase Materials.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Materials List

There are over two dozen different kinds of materials in FEW3H and each facility requires a different kind to upgrade.

Materials are also categorized between low, mid, and high tiers which basically represent their importance in the early, mid, and late game respectively.

Below are all the Materials available in the game, ranked according to their tier while mentioning the facilities they upgrade.

Low Tier

  • Basic Building Material (All Facilities)
  • Recruit Training Gear (Training Grounds)
  • Beginner Combat Manual (Tactics Academy)
  • Apprentice Smithing Set (Blacksmith)
  • Humble Furnishings (Recreation Quarter)
  • Sutler’s License (Marketplace)
  • Squire’s Insignia (Battalion Guild)
  • Storage Bag (Supply Depot)

Mid Tier

  • Quality Building Material (All Facilities)
  • Standard Combat Manual (Tactics Academy)
  • Artisan Smithing Set (Blacksmith)
  • Basic Furnishings (Recreation Quarter)
  • Merchant’s License (Marketplace)
  • Knight’s Insignia (Battalion Guild)
  • Storage Chest (Supply Depot)

High Tier

  • Lavish Building Material (All Facilities)
  • Advanced Combat Manual (Tactics Academy)
  • Master Smithing Set (Blacksmith)
  • Luxurious Furnishings (Recreation Quarter)
  • Purveyor’s License (Marketplace)
  • Hero’s Insignia (Battalion Guild)
  • Storage Compartment (Supply Depot)

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