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Hubert is the right hand of Edelgard, the heir to the Adrestian Empire, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He...

Hubert is the right hand of Edelgard, the heir to the Adrestian Empire, in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. He is loyal to the Adrestian Empire and can wield both a sword and dark magic at the command of Edelgard without any hesitation.

The following guide will walk you through all there is to know about recruiting and playing Hubert, his unique and class abilities, and more in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Recruit Hubert

Hubert is unlocked/recruited after completing “The Embarr Incident” storyline in the Scarlet Blaze. You’ll eventually come across this quest as it is part of the main storyline of “The Shadows of Adestria.”

In that chapter, you’ll have to battle against Lord Arundel. You’ll unlock Hubert along with a few other characters after you defeat Lord Arundel and complete the storyline.

Best Class For Hubert

Although his Class starts off as the Monk, perhaps the best Class for him is the Mage class. Even though as a Mage class he might take a lot of physical damage, but he’ll in turn be able to improve his ranged combat, allowing him to take on different enemies, such as the archer, easily.

He’ll be able to make better use of Magic and will also be able to have better resistance against magic attacks, making the mage class the best class for him.

Best Class Abilities For Hubert

Bow Buster Lv 2
Increases the damage dealt to enemies that wield a bow by 85%.

Grants a character the Fire spell, or increases its potency if already learned.

Dark Magic Mastery
This reduces the cooldown time for Dark Magic. It’s quite important for Hubert as he possesses Dark Magic power which is pretty powerful.

Hubert Unique Abilities

Dark Conjuration
Allows you to use a Magic Spike which has a slight chance of impaling an injured enemy. More successive attacks power up that Magic Spike. To use it, press ZR.

Slightly increases the visibility time of an enemy’s Stun Gauge.

Officer’s Duty
Reduces the damage received from opponents by 30% when ordered to guard

Hubert Combos

There are a certain number of Combos that Hubert can pull off while in battle. Combos are a successive series of blows that deal consistent damage to your opponents.

  • If you press Y, then hold down X and Y together, Hubert will drop down lightning bolts on his opponents after doing two normal Magic attacks
  • You’ve already heard the OG universal term – Just spam X. Here’s a little bit different though, you have to spam Y. Doing this will unleash a series of Magic attacks, and will also cast a spell in between them that will knock back your enemies.
  • If you press Y four times followed by pressing X once, Hubert will cause the formation of a tornado. This tornado moves slightly ahead of you, sucking in enemies that are near to it and dealing Magic damage to them.
  • If you press Y three times followed by pressing X once, Hubert will summon fire that protects him and knocks out nearby enemies. This is done after he has performed three normal magic attacks
  • If you hold down the Y and X keys together, Hubert will perform a normal attack with an added spell that knocks down any enemies that it hits.
  • This is the Mage Class Action. Hold down the X button and Hubert will quickly perform regular Magic attacks. The damage done by these attacks increases the longer you hold down the X button.

Hubert Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
Are you ever struck with a brilliant strategy on expeditions such as this? Propose a competition
Have I ever mentioned how you would fit right in at House Vestra? Heh. Consider the idea
If I were planning to kill me, this would be the perfect opportunity. Purposefully let down your guard
In the beginning there was no goddess in Fodlan. So you’ve had the same thought
When I told Her Majesty today, she expressed a wish to come along. You should invite her. Suggest you all go together
You always seem to be enjoying yourself. Not to say that I am miserable of course. Reply that it goes without saying
You do love inviting me on excursions… Laugh

How To Use Hubert

Hubert is a very skilled combatant. You’ll often win many battles with him on your team. There are certain things that you want to keep in mind while playing with him though.

Hubert is perhaps the best character in the Black Eagles in terms of Magic stats as he has one of the highest scalings in Magic and Dexterity.

Specializing mainly in ranged and Magic-type combat, Hubert also possesses many skills/abilities which you can utilize to tip the battle in your favor, especially while playing inside a formation.

One such ability is the Dark Conjuration. This ability shreds your enemies’ Stun Gauge very quickly.

Aside from all the benefits that he offers, you’ll also have to be a bit careful with him. Hubert has a pretty average defense. He might be able to resist Magic attacks, but he can take a lot of damage with physical attacks. Therefore, you’ll have to constantly be careful to maintain distance from your enemies and avoid hits.

You’ll also have to manage this character’s Combat Arts and Magic, if he runs out of it quickly, he might be left defenseless and will take damage.

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