How To Heal In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Just like in any other combat game, healing also plays a very important part in turning the battle in your favor in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.

In every fight, you would almost certainly get hit once or twice, and depending on the difficulty, you might want to heal up if you want your character to live.

The difficulty of your game determines how much damage you take per hit and how much damage you deal in turn. This guide is all about how to Heal in FEW:3H.

How To Heal In Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

In most other games, you either use healing potions or medicine to heal up/restore HP. In Fire Emblem: Three Hopes you have Vulneraries that restore your HP (Health Points).

In a battle, every one of your characters will get 2 Vulneraries that you need to conserve and use wisely whenever required.

To use the Vulneraries and heal yourself, you first need to press and hold the R key, then press the B key on the keyboard.

In FEW:3H, the Magician class is a special class that has other ways to heal than just the Vulneraries. They can equip certain Healing Weapon Skills to heal themselves.

Healing potions can also be found all over the map in small fragile pots. Just break open the pots by hitting them to get yourself some Health potions.

AI Healing

In case you run out of healing potions/Vulneraries, you can also take advantage of some of the AI bots in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes to heal yourself.

You can issue a command to an AI from the map menu to heal any of your characters. To do so, simply open up the map using the “+” key, then find an AI character that has the Heal Skill equipped and select it using the A key.

After that, head over to the character that you want healed on the map and press ZR to open up the Tactical Command menu. You will see the option to heal in this tactical command menu, all you have to do is just click on that option and the job will be done.

One thing to note, however, is that this process isn’t persistent, meaning that for each time you need healing, you’ll have to repeat this process all over again.

How To Change Difficulty In Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

In the beginning, as you are understanding the basic combat and movement mechanics in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, it would be wise to choose a suitable Difficulty.

Choosing a higher difficulty level will make enemies do more damage to you, which in turn will require more healing on your part. If you’re struggling with having enough heals during combat, you should perhaps consider lowering the difficulty level of FEW:3H.

The difficulty in this game has three levels and a further two modes. It is recommended to start the game off with the Normal difficulty, and then hop on to Hard difficulty once you get the gist of the game.

The three difficulty levels are Easy, Normal, and Hard respectively, and the two modes are Classical and Casual. The levels are self-explanatory, but the modes can be quite confusing at times.

You can think of the Classical mode as the Hardcore mode of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes. In this mode, if any one of your characters dies during a battle, they are gone forever and cannot be revived after.

The Casual mode, on the other hand, is the easier mode. In this mode even if any of your characters die during the battle, they will be revived after the battle is won.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you could only lower the difficulty after starting the game, but not increase it. You have the added benefit of changing the difficulty at any point in the game to any level you want before hopping into the game, but you still cannot change the mode.

This feature is quite useful at times when you need to get a mission over with quickly because you can change the difficulty level to Easy and then change it back to Normal or Hard.

For example, if you have a side quest that requires you to eliminate a huge amount of mobs, but you’re not really feeling like going through all the trouble, then you can simply decrease the difficulty for the time being of the quest and change it back again after it’s done. Do keep in mind, however, that even though the Easy difficulty can make a mission easier, it in turn also cuts down the rewards for that respective mission.

To change the difficulty in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Select System from the pre-Battle Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select the difficulty from the Game Settings menu.

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