Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expeditions Guide

Expeditions are an amazing side-activity that you complete in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes to boost the Morale and Support of your allies. To get the most rewards out of Expeditions, you need to know how to have perfect conversations with each character.

In this guide, we’ll be walking you through every bit of information you need to know about Expeditions in FEW: Three Hopes, including the dialogue options you need to choose to have a perfect conversation with each unit in the game.

How to Unlock Expeditions in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

When you begin Chapter 5 of FEW: Three Hopes’ story, a special activity named “Expeditions” will be unlocked. An Expedition is a small side activity where you have a quick conversation with any ally that you’ve recruited. It may seem like an unnecessary activity to spend your time on, but it actually has some great benefits.

To take an ally out on an Expedition, you need to first reach support level C with that ally. Once you’ve done that, find that ally at the Camp and talk to them. An “Invite on an Expedition” option will pop up. Expeditions will only use up 1 Activity Point.

When you first begin going on Expeditions, you’ll only be able to take your allies to the Plains location, but you’ll be able to unlock two more locations through the facility upgrades to the Recreation Quarter.

When you complete an Expedition with an ally, you’ll gain an increase in Charm, Support Points and Morale with that ally.

Both Support and Morale are very important mechanics in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes as the former enables characters to learn new abilities while the latter greatly increases their damage output during battle. This is why Expeditions are an amazing side activity that you should complete whenever you can.

Expedition Tips

Before we show you how to have the perfect conversations with your allies during Expeditions, let’s go over all of the mechanics you need to know about this activity in FEW: Three Hopes.

Expedition Location Does Not Matter

You do not need to carefully choose the Expedition location in FEW: Three Hopes as it does not have any major impact on the conversation you’ll have during the Expedition or the rewards you’ll gain from it.

The only difference between the locations will be the initial line of dialogue that the ally will say when they arrive.

That said, you will sometimes see yellow icons on the location selection screen which indicate the that an encounter will happen in that location. This encounter will be bonus dialogue with the ally and no matter what you respond to that dialogue with, the ally will have a positive reaction.

Select the Talk Option

When you arrive at the Expedition location with an ally in FEW:3H, you will have the option to either talk with them or ask them questions. You should always choose the talk option as it makes it much easier to have a perfect conversation with them.

Do Expeditions Whenever You Receive a Notification for Them

When you finish a battle in FEW: Three Hopes, you might receive a notification saying that X character wants to go on an expedition. If you go on an Expedition with the character right after you receive this notification, you will receive bonus Support Points from the activity.

Do note that if you engage in another battle after getting the notification, you will not be able to receive the bonus Support Points.

How to Have a Perfect Conversation

Each ally has seven different things they can talk about during an Expedition in FEW:3H. Out of these seven conversations, they will only have three with you during the Expedition. So all you need to do to have the perfection conversation is to pick the best response to three dialogues from the ally.

When you have a perfect conversation with an ally, you will receive extra Support Points and Morale, and you will both gain a bigger increase in Charm.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to Observe or Give a Gift to the ally after the conversation is over. If you choose to give a gift, you will gain even more Support Points!

FEW: Three Hopes Expedition Choices For Golden Wildfire

Jump to:


Character Says Perfect Response
A lot of people think of foreigners as subhuman… Say it’s what inside that counts.
Everyone’s got at least one or two secrets… Give him an ambiguous smile.
I’d love to wander around Derdriu with you… Ask what it’s famous for.
If Fodlan was a container, Fodlan’s Locket would be… Say that ignorance can bring disaster.
It’s crucial to have a victory feast… Say you should have more feasts.
The Five Great Lords are all… Question if he’s serious.
You ever get the urge to drop everything… Say you’re OK because of Claude.


Character Says Perfect Response
A lot of people act differently towards me… Ask if you acted differently too.
Have you noticed anything different about me… Compliment on how it suits her.
I think people who have trouble relying on others… Admit that you do have trouble with that.
I’m so glad I’m not an heir… Say that’s not the point.
Just because we’re in the middle of a war doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable! Praise her motivation.
My space is pretty messy… Offer to help her clean.


Character Says Perfect Response
…but I’ve learned to see the forest for the trees. Let that sink in for the moment.
A person cannot grow stronger if they lack ambition. Do you have any aspirations? Keep them to yourself.
Even the highest quality tea leaves will taste horrible… Ask if teaware is also important.
Gloucester has many beautiful sights as well. I would love for you to see it someday… Say you’re looking forward to it.
I always strive to live up to noble status. Have I succeeded in your eyes? Say he seems like a true noble.
I briefly attended the school of sorcery in Fhirdiad … but had to withdraw due to certain circumstances. Say you’re sad to hear that.
My father… but he’s well loved by the common folk. Say he’s a wise ruler.


Character Says Perfect Response
Apparently my ancestors lived in Leicester before the alliance was even formed. Ask about Ignatz’s ancestors.
I’m worried about historical ruins getting destroyed during the war. There’s no way to get them back once they’re gone. Vow to protect those historical sites.
If there really is a goddess I wonder what she looks like. Say you think she’s a young beauty.
It’s important to be mindful of tableware… Ask for advice on the right tableware.
People often tell me that being a knight doesn’t suit me… Say he’ll be a knight unlike any other.
The world stretches far beyond Fodlan’s borders. Wouldn’t you like to see it all someday? Ask where he’d like to go.


Character Says Perfect Response
Apparently Ordelia Territory used to have a lot of fertile land… Suggest you make it fertile again.
For the life of me, I can’t understand people that only wanna talk about love… Say it’s because they’re facing death.
House Ordelia isn’t descended… have been born with Crests over the years. Show appreciation for their efforts
I don’t understand why certain vegetables exist… Say she doesn’t have to eat them.
If you could be reborn, would you choose to be a noble or a commoner? Say you don’t care about your rank.
The responsibilities of a noble are such a burden, I don’t have time for all that. Say she should just give it all up.


Character Says Perfect Response
Do you ever wish you could just throw everything away and escape to another world? Ask if she wants to escape together.
Do you think the goddess truly watches over us? I believe that she does. Joke that you met her once.
Even if I become the next Margrave Edmund, I doubt I will be able to make the people in my territory happy. Say it’s OK to make mistakes.
I often read books when I’m alone in my room. Ask what books she’d recommend.
I’m adopted. House Edmund took me in when my real parents went missing. Simply listen.
The goddess always watches over us, even now. Whisper a prayer.
There’s no need to kill poor animals for our food. Couldn’t we just eat vegetables instead? Apologize for eating meat.


Character Says Perfect Response
I borrowed a lot of money… I feel bad about that. Praise her for becoming a mercenary.
I managed to become a mercenary, but it was really tough to make money when I was starting out. Praise her dedication.
I think everybody has at least one fateful encounter that completely changes their life. Say you’ve had one too.
In this day and age, what does it even matter who’s a noble and who’s a commoner. Suggest getting rid of ranks entirely.
Me and art don’t really agree… it just isn’t in my wheelhouse. Praise her for her other talents.
People don’t need Crests to be strong. I’m never gonna use my lack of a Crest as an excuse for anything. Say that other stuff counts more.


Character Says Perfect Response
I learned much at the academy. It will be difficult to replace an institution of that caliber. Say it would require trial and error.
I often share vital intelligence with Claude, such as which mushrooms are and aren’t poisonous. Say you have wisdom to share too.
In the end, training one’s body doesn’t count for much. The mind is what truly matters. Say that you should spar sometime.
Some believe a Crest is all it takes to be a great noble, but I fully intend to prove otherwise. Ask if he’s doing that for his sister.
The key to a well-regimented life… I suggest you give it a try. Proudly inform him that you already do.
To accept the teachings of Seiros unquestioningly is to abandon reason itself. Eagerly vow to study for yourself.


Character Says Perfect Response
I wish I could always be my ideal self, but reality makes that quite difficult. What say you? Encourage him to try to attain it.
It’d be pretty great if you came from outside Fodlan too. Of course, there’s no evidence of that. Laugh and agree it would be neat.
I’ve spent seven years in Fodlan. Can’t believe it’s been that long. Ask her where she’ll go next.
More and more people are making names for themselves in this war. And the bigger the name, the more their head is worth. Declare that you won’t be outdone.
The constant battles make times like this precious. Be happy to hear that from her.
We almost won the battle between Dagda and the Empire-but then one man changed everything. Declare that you’ll surpass him.
Yep. Nice and Quiet. Nod quietly.

FEW: Three Hopes Expedition Choices For Scarlet Blaze

Jump to:


Character Says Perfect Response
Do you ever wish you could be completely and utterly alone? It is a daily dream for me. Express concern for her.
I thought outings like this were a noble pastime, but I see you’re an expert as well. Say that you’re just acting like one.
Tell me if you see any pretty flowers. Not to pluck, mind you—just admire. Promise you will.
The sun is so warm on my skin. I see why people pine for it so. Say you’re one of those people.
There are hunting grounds near Enbarr that the Imperial family uses for outings. Invite her to hunt with you.
Though I don’t see them, I know Hubert’s people are out there somewhere, watching us. Suggest you look for them.
What are you thinking about? You look as if your mind is a dozen leagues away. Say you’re thinking about dinner.


Character Says Perfect Response
Are you ever struck with a brilliant strategy on expeditions such as this? Propose a competition.
Have I ever mentioned how you would fit right in at House Vestra? Heh. Consider the idea.
If I were planning to kill me, this would be the perfect opportunity. Purposefully let down your guard.
In the beginning there was no goddess in Fodlan. Say you’ve had the same thought.
When I told Her Majesty today, she expressed a wish to come along. You should invite her. Suggest you all go together.
You always seem to be enjoying yourself. Not to say that I am miserable of course. Reply that it goes without saying.
You do love inviting me on excursions… Laugh


Character Says Perfect Response
Ah, the great horizon… I do not know what became of me just then. Shout along with him.
Fodlan’s nobility face a crisis, and I consider it my sacred duty to see us through it. Ask if there’s anything you can do.
I admire how much effort you put into getting to know us all. I ought to do the same. Say you won’t be outdone.
I hope I might escort you about Aegir… the most beautiful, tranquil sea. Jokingly ask if you’ll live together.
When I was young, my parents often took me out riding. Ah, those were better times… Say you’re here for him now.
Your horse is so well behaved. You must have something of a gift with animals. Smile and say it’s a special bond.


Character Says Perfect Response
Have you ever been to Hevring territory… the slopes are simply impossible. Say it’d be perfect for hiding away.
I thought for certain you’d have a Crest, but no. I still find that so strange. Offer to help him research.
I’m fond of the silences you often get in the middle of conversations. Stay silent.
I’m sorry I was thinking about you… what were you saying? Crack a joke.
Let’s rest here a bit longer. Also, horseback riding really should be classified as heavy labor. Wholeheartedly agree.
The aristocracy… so I recognized many of the other students when I first visited the academy. Envy him for having such old friends.


Character Says Perfect Response
Being in the outdoors really makes me want to move. Say, how about a run? C’mon, just 20 miles or so! Declare that he won’t beat you.
Haha, whoops!… I’m not gonna doze off like someone we know. Suggest you get some exercise.
I don’t know much about the church of Seiros. Doubt whether he’s being truthful
I’m glad I don’t have to take over for my father… I’m not exactly what most people consider “lord material.” Say he’s in his element right now.
It’d be great to invite the whole team out sometime. Suggest you do it tomorrow.
Sorry are you bored? I wish I had something more interesting to say. Come up with a fun topic yourself.
You’re good at pretty much everything. I really respect that. Act cocky.


Character Says Perfect Response
I made us some sweets! Wanna eat them now? Commend her.
I’m a lot more relaxed out here—probably because there aren’t any people to scare me. Sympathize.
I’m pretty good at riding horses… when I was a kid. Admire her skills.
My mother and I used to go on trips just like this. Ask about memories of her mother.
The only problems with these outings are all the wide-open spaces you keep taking me to. Ask if she wants to look for a cave.
What a great view. I should bring paints with me next time. Reassure her that you won’t watch.
You know, this war would be over tomorrow if we all decided to stay home with the door shut. Ask what exactly she would suggest.


Character Says Perfect Response
Do you have a dream… How do you imagine your life after the war? Say you do have dreams.
I hear the opera company is doing what they can to lift people’s spirits in these dark times. Say you want to help somehow.
I sometimes wonder… if the Southern Church had been restored sooner. Say you don’t know.
They can’t possibly get mad at us for taking a little break every now and again. Suggest it be your little secret.
Would you cry if something happened to me… I’m curious. Declare that you wouldn’t let her die.
You are a completely different creature… I never tire of observing you. Laugh and say you feel the same way.
You don’t seem very concerned with pride. Are all mercenaries like that? Shrug your shoulders.


Character Says Perfect Response
Brigid is between Fodlan and Dagda. We are getting many ideas from both. Hope that trade will flourish.
I read books before coming to Fodlan… but it was still a thing of difficulty. Say she should ask people for help.
I thought Fodlan’s army… but instead, the rules are having much flexibility. Say they should be even more so.
Sometimes a hunt will last for days I have to be sleeping in trees or between rocks. Say you want to hunt too.
We have no horses in Brigid, so riding is still a thing of much newness to me. Ask what they use instead of horses.
We should be training here in secret… and give our friends much surprise. Eagerly suggest you shock them all.
Your hair changes color… this is a thing of much strangeness. Ask about the legend.


Character Says Perfect Response
Are you ever overcome… I’m asking for a friend of course. Never feel that way.
Don’t you think Her Majesty… Apologizes, just a stray thought. Admire her devotion.
Fighting inland for too long… I used to love swimming there. Vow to all go together someday.
I know Hubert is capable, but his attitude leaves much to be desired! Look on with a smile.
I remember every single word you’ve said… when you first burst in to save me. Say you’re glad she’s all right.
If Her Majesty wills it, I want to annihilate… those who slither in the dark. Say you need to learn the truth first.


Character Says Perfect Response
Ask about their likes. Give a counterargument.
Everyone has at least a little darkness in them. Is there really anyone out there who is truly pure? Say that can be alluring too.
I know the river of time flows the same for everyone, but I still feel like I’m trapped in its rapids more often than not. Compliment how ageless she looks.
I’m a woman who tends to keep things bottled up, which means I need to let off steam once in a while. Say you’ll accompany her anytime.
My beautiful singing voice is a gift from the goddess herself – a gift I would very much like to share. Compliment her magnificent voice.
My Ideal partner? …someone who would clean my room without complaining, I suppose. Say that love solves everything.
You might hear rumors about my being a mess when I’m drunk, but don’t you dare believe them! Offer to join her so often.

FEW: Three Hopes Expedition Choices For Blue Lions

Jump to:


Character Says Perfect Response
I have seen much death, often dealt by my own hand. The idea that one can die with dignity is nothing more than a myth. Say he must always be ready for that.
At times, I feel there must be some purpose to the strength I was born bearing. Express your thoughts on the matter.
I prefer not to name my horses if I can avoid it. Growing attached only makes their deaths more painful. Say you understand how he feels.


Character Says Perfect Response
Duscur is a land of fisherman Suggest you take a boat next time
I don’t adhere to the Seiros faith. But if the goddess does exist, I hope she’d protect His Majesty. Say Dedue should do that himself
I have nothing but trust for Lord Rodrigue Say you want to learn from him
I hope to devote my entire life to His Majesty. There is no greater pleasure than standing at his side. Laugh and say that’s just like him
I wouldn’t be standing here now if His Majesty Say he should be grateful
I’ll restore Duscur to its former glory Offer to help
Not long ago, I saw children Faerghus playing in the streets. With others from Duscur, no less. Feel the significance of that.


Character Says Perfect Response
Gautier territory is famous across Fodlan for its dairy farms. Makes me wish my own land had something it was known for. Suggest you think it over together.
Both the Empire and Alliance have a clear hierarchy of strength. It’s hard to say who the strongest person in the Kingdom is, though. Say the hierarchy is pointless.
Houses Blaiddyd and Fraldarius have been practically inseparable ever since Faerghus was founded. Ask for more details.


Character Says Perfect Response
His Majesty didn’t have much of a way with women when he was young. Though…the years haven’t really changed that, either. Agree.
I wish I could’ve stayed a naive kid just a little longer. None of this nonsense about Crests or nobility. Laugh and say that’s just how life is.
Everyone keeps telling me how serious I am now. Is that really so big a change? Say it doesn’t matter.
Ingrid’s more delicate than she looks. Don’t tease her too much, ok? Be resistant.
I wish we could’ve at least stayed at the Academy until the ball during the Ethereal Moon. Suggest you hold a post-war ball.
Ingrid’s more delicate than she looks. Nod solemnly.
Felix used to be such a nice kid. Say that people grow up.


Character Says Perfect Response
Everyone has to figure out their own sense of justice for themselves. Say that’s exactly right.
I worked so hard to get into the academy… finally walked through the doors. Say he can learn on the battlefield.
I’m glad you asked me out here. Work has been sort of ground to a halt recently. Promise to invite him again.
It’s almost like a dream for a commoner like me to be fighting alongside all these nobles. Say that he earned it.
Lonato taught me so much. I couldn’t even read before I ended up at Castle Gaspard. Say you’ll be his teacher now.


Character Says Perfect Response
Felix and his majesty perform all their duties. Cheer her on
Have you ever read chivalric romance? They’re stories about the most heroic knights in the world. I’m sure you could find one you’re interested in. Talk about your favorite story.
I imagine if Faerghus had been even just slightly more destitute, we would’ve invaded the other regions of Fodlan ourselves. She shouldn’t get hung up on what-if’s.
I want to create a world where nobody has to worry where their next meal might come from. Offer to help.
If we can’t bring an end to this war, our dream of a prosperous Faerghus will remain just that. Say something motivational.
There are many things I wish I could say. Ask for more details.
There was a famine in Galatea. Sympathize.


Character Says Perfect Response
I like the capital fine enough, but Dominic territory is nice too. And it’s way warmer, for one. Ask her to give you a tour.
I bet I could swing a heavy axe around no problem if I was just a tiny bit taller… Say it depends on how hard she tries.
My cousin Simon’s not a bad person or anything, but once he got it in his head that he was going to be a traveling minstrel, nobody could talk him out of it. Simply listen.


Character Says Perfect Response
I hate fighting… but if both sides have reason to do so, there’s no avoiding it. Vow to create an age of peace.
Both of my parents were great cooks. I even remember them teaching each other recipes when I was young. Cute, don’t you think? Ask her to teach you how to cook.
I wonder how my mother is faring. I do get letters from her sometimes, at least. Say she should go see her.

FEW: Three Hopes Expedition Choices For Other Recruitable Character

Jump to:


Character Says Perfect Response
I want this war to end… folks disagree. Brainstorm about what you can do.
I’m able to grin and bear… I find riding a steed rather excruciating. Suggest you take a break.


Character Says Perfect Response
If you ever see an unwholesome type… lend a hand, all right? Laugh and say he’d owe you one.
Just once, I’d like to be that guy who single-handedly turns the tide of battle. Say that only happens in stories.
Up for some sparring? I mean, we don’t have to but… Take him up on that.


Character Says Perfect Response
I feel I would be more fit to serve as a squire… What do you think? Be seriously unsure how to answer that.
I suspect I’d be more useful to the army if I just left it altogether. Say she’s definitely useful in the army.
You have also experienced the trauma of losing everything… we’re kindred spirits in that sense. Say you’re here now because of it.


Character Says Perfect Response
Honestly, I’m secretly rooting for you. That’s it. That’s all I got. Say that you’re rooting for her too.
I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I’m doing right now. Say that her decision must be right.
Say, have you ever eaten the root of this plant? …I also think it’s poisonous. Say you almost died from eating it.
You ever eat fancy noble food? …leaving my tastebuds confused. Agree.
You ever eat fancy noble food? …leaving my tastebuds confused. Agree.