Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Dimitri Guide

The King of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Dimitri, is one of the most skilled and selfless fighters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. If you want to learn more about Dimitri and how you can maximize his potential in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, then continue reading this guide where we’ll be showing you how to recruit Dimitri, what abilities and combos he has and how you can build support with him.

How to Recruit Dimitri

If you’re playing through the Azure Gleam route, you’ll be able to recruit Dimitri during Chapter 03: Unrest in Fhirdiad.

You will meet Dimitri in battle during this chapter. To get him on your side, you first have to defeat him and then use the Persuade option on him; which will cost you some Strategy Points.

Best Classes for Dimitri

Dimitri has two classes that are exclusive to him: Great Lord and High Lord. The best class to use with Dimitri is High Lord, which is a lance-wielding class that allows Dimitri to increase the power of his strong attacks.

Best Class Abilities for Dimitri

When an enemy commander is taken down, this ability regenerates HP of allies nearby.

Sword Buster Level 2
When fighting enemies equipped with swords, this ability grants Dimitri a one-tier advantage over them which increases damage (against them) by 85%.

King’s Ploy
Allows Dimitri to throw his lance more times when using the High Lord class action.

Pomp and Circumstance
Increases Dimitri’s Charm and Luck by 5.

FEW: Three Hopes Dimitri Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I have seen much death, often dealt by my own hand. The idea that one can die with dignity is nothing more than a myth. Say he must always be ready for that.
At times, I feel there must be some purpose to the strength I was born bearing. Express your thoughts on the matter.
I prefer not to name my horses if I can avoid it. Growing attached only makes their deaths more painful. Say you understand how he feels.

Dimitri Unique Abilities

Azure Lightning (Action)
Enhances Dimitri’s attacks with lightning.

King’s Might (Support)
Gives a small boost to damage and Stun Gauges when you send enemies up in the air.

Reign (Tactical)
Boosts damage by 30% when ordered to attack.

Dimitri Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Performs two powerful sweeps with his lance.
Y Y X Performs two lance sweeps followed by a thrust.
Y Y Y X Performs multiple lance sweeps and then jumps into the air and ends the combo with a spinning attack with his lance.
Y Y Y Y X Performs multiple lance sweeps then pulls a rock out of the ground, sending enemies flying.
Spam Y Performs five lance sweeps in a row.

How to Use Dimitri

Dimitri’s biggest strengths are his speed and the range of his attacks. He can perform attacks very quickly and the long-range of his lance makes it very easy to land those attacks on enemies.

To maximize his potential, consider investing in his Strength, Speed and Dexterity stats. This will make him even more powerful.

Dimitri has amazing Tactical and Support Abilities, so he’s one of the most useful units in the game. You should try to bring him in every battle as he can use his King’s Might and Reign ability on any unit in the battlefield.

The range of Dimitri’s attacks makes him the perfect unit to use when trying to safeguard a point. He’ll be able to easily toss enemies back to where they came from without even having to move away from the point.