Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Bernadetta Guide

Bernadetta hails from a noble family and is a member of both the Scarlet Blaze and the House Varley in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

She is one of the ranged characters in the game, making her a vital playable character in any battle formation.

The following guide will tell you all there is to know about recruiting Bernadetta, her best class and abilities, and more in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How To Recruit Bernadetta

Bernadetta is fought as an enemy during the main quest of Chapter 3: The Shadows of Adrestia (Scarlet Blaze), Chapter 6: Conspiracy in the Air (Azure Gleam), and Chapter 6: The Leader’s Stratagem (Golden Wildfire).

After defeating her and her units in battle, use Persuade Strategy to recruit her. You’ll be in need of 10 Strategy Points to recruit Bernadetta in FEW: Three Hopes.

Best Class For Bernadetta

Bernadetta starts off with a bow, making the Archer class the best class for her to further strengthen her bow-and-arrow skill set.

Archers are most often used at the start of a fight and can follow up the class ability with any regular attack for great mixups.

Best Class Abilities For Bernadetta

Gauntlet Buster Lv 2
This increases damage by 85% against enemies with guantlets.

Archer’s Ploy
This improves the critical hit chance of class actions and goes well with Bernadetta’s “Personal Space” unique ability.

Bow Prowess
This increases damage dealt by a bow.

Bernadetta Unique Abilities

Personal Space
This is an action-type ability and can be used by pressing ZR. This creates a zone of ice in which the critical hit rate is increased and has a long cooldown time.

Persecution Complex
This falls into the category of support type ability. This ability gives a low chance of temporarily increasing damage to enemies when attacked by them.

Master of Concealment
This is a tactical type ability and it increases the damage to enemies by 30%.

Bernadetta Combos

  • Combo 1: This combo can be activated by holding the X key and targeting the target area with the joystick. This activates a simple that rains in the targeted area.
  • Combo 2: This can be activated by pressing Y and X. This combo swirls enemies in the air before taking them down.
  • Combo 3: Press Y twice and then the X key to activate the combo. The combo is used to launch arrows in a series that end with a burst arrow shot.
  • Combo 4: Press Y three times and then the X key to activate the combo. This also rains arrows in your surroundings. This is followed by a series of regular archer attacks.
  • Combo 5: Keep pressing the Y key and you’ll be able to do a series of regular arrow attacks followed by sweeping arrow attacks.

Bernadetta Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I made us some sweets! Wanna eat them now? Commend her.
I’m a lot more relaxed out here—probably because there aren’t any people to scare me. Sympathize.
I’m pretty good at riding horses… when I was a kid. Admire her skills.
My mother and I used to go on trips just like this. Ask about memories of her mother.
The only problems with these outings are all the wide-open spaces you keep taking me to. Ask if she wants to look for a cave.
What a great view. I should bring paints with me next time. Reassure her that you won’t watch.
You know, this war would be over tomorrow if we all decided to stay home with the door shut. Ask what exactly she would suggest.

How To Use Bernadetta

Bernadetta has the potential of becoming one of the best Archers in the game. However, you should not confuse her battle prowess with a strong offense.

Bernadetta is best when she is ordered to defend, where she also is able to provide excellent support to other units. Pushing her on the offense is not recommended since there are other Archers in the game better suited to that role.

Also, you can deepen your relationship with Bernadetta by finding her lost items and giving her higher-class units. She will otherwise try to stay away from any interactions due to her nature.

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