How to Unlock All Secret Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

There are many unique characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. Out of all these characters, some characters are not available and need to be unlocked if you want them on your roster. These characters are known as Secret Characters. This guide will explain how to unlock all Secret Characters in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Fire Emblem Warriors Secret Characters

There are 3 Secret characters out of 23 characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. We have listed the name of these characters below:

  • Lyn
  • Celica
  • Anna

How to Unlock Lyn

You can unlock Lyn in the fourth history mode map of Fire Emblem Warriors. To get this map in the first place, you will need to finish the story mode of the game at least once, and to accomplish your goal of unlocking Lynn. Then, you need to go all the way over to the castle on the right side by completing any challenges on your way.

Generally, you will be presented with two options: an easier option consisting of a challenge around level 25 to 35 or a harder one, which is usually a level 50 challenge.

After making your way to the castle and beating the challenge in front of it, Lynn will appear from the right side. You must first select her and beat her challenge, which is a level 37 battle, and afterward, the way to the enemy in the castle will be unlocked. Beat this level 45 challenge, and you will be awarded Lynn as a playable hero in all Fire Emblem warriors’ modes.

How to Unlock Celica

Celica is unlocked in Fire Emblem Warriors in the fifth history mode map. To get this map, you must finish the story mode at least once. This map, unlike previous ones, allows you to select any challenge anywhere.

Your first goal is to beat a few challenges until Celica appears in the South. When she does so, she will be surrounded by floating eyes that prevent you from getting to her. To make these eyes disappear, you need to defeat all challenges next to them, and when successful, you can do the challenge where she is, which is a level 35 battle.

From this point, you need to continue defeating more enemies on this map until three unique enemies appear with those eyes around them. Do the same thing as before and defeat any enemies bordering the eyes so that you can get to those challenges and after defeating the first three, the final battle with the possessed darios will be unlocked.

These earlier challenges range from level 35 to 50; the final battle is a level 54 challenge. After completing this battle, you will be awarded Celica as a playable hero in all Fire Emblem Warriors’ modes.

How to Unlock Anna

Anna, a recurring character throughout the Fire Emblem series, joins the cast in Fire Emblem warriors through her warrior’s universe incarnation. The simplest way to unlock Anna is to complete the Fire Emblem awakening illustration. You can do that by collecting all of the associated animals, which means a total of 20 memories.

Half of these memories come from the story mode. Pause the menu for Anna’s information during the battle, and it will give you clues that are sometimes direct and sometimes vague on how to get her to appear.

You will need to collect the first and second Ana memory in missions two, three, four, and five for a total of eight, Then the second memory from mission 12 and the first memory for mission 13.

Remember that for the second memory to be available, you will need to complete the game’s story mode at least once, and note that to get the second memory, you will have to play that battle on hard or lunatic difficulty.

So that’s half of the memories and the remaining 10 come from the first history mode map. You will need to collect every memory available on this map. To do that, you need to complete and fulfill the requirements for her to appear like a shop on the map two times in five battles.

Once you complete this illustration, Anna will appear on the first history mode map as an extra challenge. This will be a level 80 mission, arguably the most difficult battle in the game.

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