Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party Guide – Answers, Tea Types

Tea Party is an activity that you can perform at a student’s or colleague’s birthday. This activity increases the bond between the two parties. This Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party Guide will include all the details of how to unlock or host a tea party and many other things related

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Tea Party

Tea has a very long history and it was discovered by a Chinese Emperor named Shen Nong. It was said that he was boiling water and somehow a leaf landed in his pot. He liked the fusion of the leaf and boiling to such an extent that he researched it further. Tea played an important in the era of the East India Company taking over East Asia.

Tea plays an important part in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. How you may ask? Well tea helps you increase your bonds with your students. Tea is one of the fastest and easiest ways of bond establishing. But tea party doesn’t actually work on anyone. Let’s say you just met a person and you want to sit down with him/her and have a tea. That is not possible as you don’t have the bond between you two to that level.

This activity can be unlocked very easily, just head to the stables where you will find Ferdinand. Accept his quest to find the tea set and give it to him. After completing this quest, the tea party event will be unlocked.

After that, you can now host the tea party. But before that, you will need some materials for the activity. The material that you will need to commence the activity will be tea leaves.

These leave are easy to find just explore the monastery or if you aren’t into exploring just buy them from merchants.

Now select a person you want to sit down with. After this, you will have to select a tea that you will present to a particular person. Bear in mind that if you have a better quality of tea leaves the outcome of the conversion will be better. But even if you choose any low-quality leaf it’s​ not that the bond won’t be increased. Simply having tea with the person will increase the bond a little.

During the entire activity, you will have exactly three opportunities to speak up. Any conversion will lead to the other party asking some question of some kind and you will have three options to choose from. But do bear in mind to choose a topic which the person you are having tea with will like otherwise, your tea party might not go well as you expect.

There will be a total of three questions with three choices. Do remember that picking two wrong answers will lead the person to leave.

If all of the three topics have been answered correctly then a fourth topic will unlock and you can appeal your guest. The characters along with the correct answers which they should be given are:

  • Linhardt: The Art of Napping, Cats
  • Ignatz: You Seem Well, First Crushes
  • Flayn: The library’s Collection, Dreamy Knights, Perfect Recipes
  • Sylvain: Favorite Sweets, Potential Training Partners, First Crushes
  • Caspar: Food Select Plans for the Future, Someone you Look up to

The performance of your tea party will be rated and the ratings “Nice Tea Party” and “Perfect Tea Time” will give a boost to bonds between the two parties and a boost in motivation for the particular person.

Rotating the camera to different angles at a different time will help you get a better rating. Finally, the different kinds of teas you can present are:

  • Bergamot
  • Sweet-Apple Blend
  • Almyran Pine Needles
  • Albinean Berry Blend
  • Southern Fruit Blend
  • Rose Petal Blend
  • Mint Leaves
  • Crescent-Moon Tea
  • Dagda Fruit Blend
  • Almond Blend
  • Honeyed-Fruit Blend
  • Cinnamon Blend
  • Seiros Tea
  • Ginger Tea
  • Angelica Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Hresvelg Blend
  • Leicester Cortania
  • Tea of the Saints

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