How to Soft Reset Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This guide explains how to soft reset in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and all the different ways you can utilize this mechanic.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an autosave function as well as the ability to Soft Reset however, it does not explain how to Soft Rest, and that’s what we will be going over in this guide along with the different ways you can use this mechanic.

One must be brave enough to play FE: 3H the way it’s intended, as your favorite characters could perish on the battlefield when it falls. You can use Soft Resets to undo your bad decisions and start afresh.

How to Soft Reset in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fortunately, Fire Emblem: Three Houses makes it easy to drop back to the main menu and load up an old save whenever I need to. A simple button combo instantly whisks me back to the warm, safe cocoon of the main menu, where I can take my pick of all the manual saves I hopefully remembered to make every day and before every battle.

“Soft resetting” is pressing a certain combination of buttons to soft reset a game, typically without turning off the console or closing the game. . Fortunately, there is a quick and simple way to reload the game quickly if you ever need to.

Press and hold [-] + [+] + [L] + [R] to return to the main menu and soft reset the game.This immediately takes you back to the title screen, where you can load up your most recent save the file.

It’s worth noting that they don’t reset the entire save file back to chapter 1; they often restart at the last save point.

Uses of Soft Reset

Managing Stat Changes as You Level Up

Your units’ stat changes as they level up are unpredictable. You can restart the game as many times as necessary to get the Stat Change results you desire if there are specific stats you want your units to concentrate on.

Restart A Battle Anytime

Before a battle, you can save, check the battlefield, and restart at any time. Particularly on higher difficulty settings, this is helpful.

Additionally, this can be helpful if you need to rapidly restart a battle to prevent permanently losing troops or reload a save file to help your pupils pass a Certification exam without wasting any of your priceless Seals. It can also be helpful if you select the incorrect dialogue option and lose out on further support points.

Of course, it’s not a great solution, especially given that Fire Emblem Three Houses’ load times are still somewhat lengthy, but it’s preferable to having to quit the game entirely and restart it.

It’s worth noting that they don’t reset the entire save file back to chapter 1; they often just restart at the last save point.

Re-do Your Choices

You must make numerous decisions in this game, some of which will significantly affect the plot. If you believe you haven’t appropriately responded to any crucial line, reset the game, but don’t forget to save often.


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