Fire Emblem: Three Houses Recruitment Guide – Recruitment Requirements, Support Level

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you pick up a house at the start of the game. Now you already have students in that house but if you ever feel the need to get students from another house, then surely you can recruit them. To recruit them, you need to fulfill certain attributes that they ask from you. Firstly, go and have a quick conversation with them. By the end of the conversation, you get an option to recruit them but that will require you to have some certain leveled up attributes.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Recruitment

You need to have these attributes before you can recruit them. Other than that, the offer to recruit the students is a limited offer and if you do not recruit them at that specific time or turn them down, you will not ever be able to recruit them back.

Character Requirements change through each character but rank C and above seems to be perfectly fit for the aptitude and Support Levels. Skills can be raised by taking part in battles through faculty training whereas the Support Levels are increased by keeping your personal relationship with other characters in check. You maintain your relationships with other characters by giving them gifts, by being their ally in battles, sharing meals with them, and returning them the items that they have misplaced or lost.

You go and find a student for recruitment by exploring the Monastery during your free time on Sundays. Below we have curated a guide for you that includes the students and the attributes they require for recruitment.


Character House Requirements
Caspar Black Eagles Strength, Brawl
Dorothea Black Eagles Charisma, Authority
Felix Blue Lions Speed, Sword
Annette Blue Lions Magic, Faith
Ashe Blue Lions Charisma, Lance
Bernadetta Black Eagles Strength, Bow
Leonie Golden Deer Strength, Lance
Linhardt Black Eagles Magic, Reason
Lorenz Golden Deer Charisma, Reason
Raphael Golden Deer Strength, Heavy Armor
Ferdinand Black Eagles Dexterity, Heavy Armor
Lysithea Golden Deer Magic, Faith
Mercedes Blue Lions Magic, Bow
Ingrid Blue Lions Dexterity, Flying
Petra Black Eagles Dexterity, Riding
Sylvia Blue Lions Charisma, Riding


If you do not want to concern with the attributes then you can also increase your Support Level with a student to rank-A to recruit the student.

This method saves you from leveling up your attributes to the student’s demand. Increasing the support level with a unit demands you to engage them in activities like:

  1. Sharing a Meal
  2. Faculty Training from Them
  3. Fighting Alongside Them
  4. Giving Them Gifts
  5. Choir Practice
  6. Cooking