Fire Emblem: Three Houses Classes That Can Use Magic

An in-depth guide, how the different classes utilize magic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and what kind of abilities they have.

The system for magic in Fire Emblem Three Houses is intriguing. In Fire Emblem Three Houses, there are various kinds of magic, and the kind of magic you can employ depends on the abilities and certifications of your units. This guide will delve deeper and elaborate on which classes can use magic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Classes That Can Use Magic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Unique Classes

There is no certification necessary to access any of the unique classes. However, to master the class (dancer) requires 150 class XP while (Commoner and Noble) require 20 class XP.

Enlightened One

This class is exclusive to the protagonist and major character, Byleth, and they will get access to it when chapter 11 begins. The class is capable of both magic and physical assaults. This class makes Byleth a good all-rounder. This class is regarded as holy and has received a GODDESS’S blessing. The highest overall numbers in FE3h belong to this class and have half-used magic abilities.


This class is also a magician class. The dancer energizes allies with motivating motion, enabling them to act again. Only by winning the White Heron Cup can one achieve the special class known as the dancer. It is a supportive class that can force an allied unit to move once more. The unique dance is the expertise of the class. The best unique class is this one since magic can be utilized at any time.


The first two convenient, unique classes for all units. The sole difference between Nobles and Commoners among your students is their status. HP +5 is the class mastery. These classes possess the “Enlightened one” ability to wield magic at half power.

Beginner Class

There is a level 5 or higher requirement for this class. All of the beginner classes require 60 class XP to master. Beginner classes include Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, and Monk. However, the only beginner class that allows magic is Monk.


This is the only Beginner Class that can use magic. By promoting all units, you plan to turn magic users into a Monk as soon as possible. Monk class certification requires a Reason or Faith level of D or above and adds two points to the magic.

Intermediate Classes

These Magic Classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are accessible at or above level 10. All the intermediate classes require Intermediate Seal. The only exception is the Dark Mage, who needs a Dark Seal instead of an Intermediate Seal. To master each, 100 class XP is needed.


This is the only magic-user intermediate class that is simple to obtain. Mages are the most common choice to create an offensive type mage because they use normal black magic. Level should be at least a C or above for this class. The class’s special talent is Fire. If the unit starts the fight, this class gives +6 Mag while fighting.


Priests are healers. They primarily draw their powers from Faith, and their powers are geared toward supporting comrades on the battlefield. Some units acquire offensive skills through their religion, qualifying them to become Holy Knights. If HP is greater than 1, there is a Luck percent Chance of avoiding death from damage with just one HP. The miracle ability is this class’s unique talent.

Dark Mage

This group practices dark magic. The Dark Seal classes and two certain troops are the only ones who can use the wholly distinct kind of offensive magic known as Dark Magic (Hubert and Lysithea).

The Death Knight is the only source of the dark seals required for promotion in the Dark Magic class line. To be reclassified as a Dark mage, the unit must likewise be male. If the unit starts the fight, a blow could result in the opponent losing up to 20% of their maximum HP. Poison Strike is a class ability.

Advanced Classes

These classes are accessible only at level 20 or higher. All the advanced classes require an advanced seal except Dark Bishop, which requires a Dark Seal. All advanced classes require 150 class XP to master.


The Mage’s subsequent level. Warlocks are a necessary class at any party because of how much harm they can do with their black magic. Level should be at least an A or better for this class. This class’s bow breaker is what sets it apart from other classes.


The more powerful equivalent of a priest is a bishop. Once more, learning spells and providing allies with the appropriate healing depends on the faith talent. In this class, a unit can restore up to 20% of its maximum HP at the beginning of each round. There is a Renewal skill for this class.

Dark Bishop

After beating an opponent, the unit regains 50% of the damage it has taken. This class can kill an enemy.

Master Classes

These magic classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are accessible at level 30 or higher, and Professor Rank C., All the master classes, require a Master Seal. These classes require 200 class XP to master.

Mortal Savant

A Swordmaster capable of using magic. Mortal savants are incredibly strong and can easily destroy opponents, regardless of their level of defense or resistance, by combining their immense physical and magical abilities. It gives +6 Res during battle if the unit starts it. 200 XP is necessary for class mastery. The warding blow ability is the mastery unlock for this class.

Holy Knight

When HP is equal to or less than 25%, this class grants +8 Res. The Holy Knight retains the warlocks’ ability to heal while possessing offensive magic capability. Although they have the same mobility as a cavalry unit, bishops may find it challenging to transition to these classes due to the necessary lance and riding skills to class up.

Dark Knight

The Dark Knight has cavalry-like improved mobility in addition to having the same offensive black magic potency as warlocks. Due to the riding and lance skills needed to class up, it could be difficult for mages to transition to these classes.

A unit that injures a foe during combat loses -6 Res for one round after the battle. This class can resist seals. The required classification is Lance level at C or higher, Bow level at A or higher, and Riding level at A or higher.


A Dual Magic class that only female units can obtain. The Gremory has the power to use both White and Black magic to destroy foes and support allies. Faith must be classified at level A or higher, and Reason must be classified at level A or higher.

Special Classes

These magic classes in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are accessible at level 20 or higher. This class requires an Abyssian Exam Pass. All require 150 class XP to master. The class can be unlocked by purchasing and completing Chapter 1 of the Cindered Shadows side story.


This class has half-use magic abilities. The faith level should be as high as the B sword level. Qualification for theft is also required. Lock Touch, Stealth, and Lucky 7 are the special skills.

War Monk

This has the same half-use magic ability as Trickster. All the characters in this class are men. Brawl level must be B+ or higher, and Faith level must be C+ or higher to qualify. The skills are heal, unarmed combat, and fist fighting.

War Cleric

This class has access to magic without any further requirements. The only characters in this class are female. Reason level B+ or higher and Flying level C or higher are prerequisites for classification. This class’s skills include Transmute, Black Tomefaire, and Canto.

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