Fire Emblem: Three Houses Maddening Tips

An extensive guide that covers the maddening difficulty mode in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and provides useful tips to get through it easily.

Fire Emblem Three Houses offer the maddening difficulty mode, which challenges a player’s skills to their fullest. Surviving this mode is tough as enemies are overpowered, and gains are diminished.

But you need not worry as we are here to guide you. This article will highlight all the difficulties of FE: Three Houses’ maddening mode and will provide you with the essential tips to dominate it.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Maddening Difficulty Mode

FE: 3H maddening difficulty mode offers the following hardships to the player:

Experience Points Halved

Reduction in experience points results in less unit up-gradation. This, along with strengthened enemies, makes survival extremely difficult.

Enemies with Extra Abilities

FE: Three Houses provide extra abilities to the enemies, such as stationary commanders can leave their healing tiles and quick ambushes. Playing carelessly will result in instant death.

Tips for Maddening Difficulty Mode

Class Choices and Upgrades

Every class has pros and cons, and choosing the right class can result in a much better unit. An example is a unit consisting of Wyvern lord and fast females with the mastery skill of dart blowing. This lethal combination is both quick and has high offensive powers.

In FE: 3H maddening difficulty, class upgrades are very useful as they improve the player’s stats, making them stronger. Therefore, these upgrades should be availed as soon as possible. Delaying them is not recommended at all.

Timely and All Recruitment

In different game phases, certain units will perform better than the others. Similarly, units automatically level up over time, honing their skills and experience. Timely recruitments are essential to survive the maddening mode of FE: Three Houses.

Recruiting everyone is surprisingly very beneficial as free items can be obtained, stronger monastery enemies get replaced by their weak counterparts making survival easier, and prologue maps cab be explored to get more experience.

Fighting from a Distance

During the early phase of the game, bow users are a blessing as they can attack the enemy from a distance minimizing losses. FE: 3H maddening mode demands this sort of smart gameplay. Hand axes and Javelins are effective range weapons as well.

Know the Map

Familiarization with the map results in knowing the important locations and possible sneaky enemy hangouts. This helps to plan better gameplay strategies as well.

Attack the Enemy Priests

Enemy priests have the renewal ability making them the perfect source for EXP point farming. The EXP points are utilized for player up-gradation.

Equipping Smartly

Equip wisely and avoid carrying extra stuff. For example, units known for their speeds need not carry shields. Alternatively, slower units must carry heavy shields and weapons as this boosts their performance. “Play Smart, not Hard.”

Broken Weapon

As mentioned above, keeping broken weapons in the storehouse is very helpful against priests. Skills related to authority and support prove lethal.

Use Mission Assistants

In FE: 3H, students from other houses can become the player’s Mission Assistant, resulting in greater support points for the player. This is very helpful as it allows to recruit that unit much more easily. However, the mission assistants do not get any EXP points.

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