Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Locations and Owners Guide

Throughout Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will find items that are scattered throughout the monastery which are misplaced by your students and colleagues. When you start chapter 3 then every month you would be able to find these lost items. They are not difficult to find due of their blue glow but the difficult part is finding out who they actually belong to. It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to return the found item to its rightful owner, but they are a bit confusing to find as the owner description is not clear. But don’t be scared of this vague description because with this guide we will help you find almost all the owners.

When you return the lost items, your support bonds will increase with that character along with their motivation which will be increased by 50%, if they are in the same house as yours. So, if your students are not at max motivation, it is recommended that you only then return their items to them. It is possible to return the lost item only to the leaders of the other houses and their bodyguards or retainer figures.

There must be people among you who want to find the owner on their own. This tip is for them. What would you do if you lost something? That’s right; think about when you last had it. The same case applies here, you need to remember who was present at the place where you find the lost item the last month and you would be able to find the owner. But you can always check out our list.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Lost Items Locations

Of course, through given hints, you might be able to find the owner of many items but you may not always be so sure, right?! Here we have a guide for Lost Items in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You will be able to exactly find the owner of all the items.

Monastery Grounds have the most of these Lost Items. If returned rightfully, these will increase your Support Level with the owner significantly.

Lost Items and Owners


Lost Item Location Owner
Silver Brooch Officer’s Academy Courtyard Dorothea
Hammer and Chisel Found at Second Floor Hanneman
Antique Clasp Found in Fishing pond Flayn
Gardening Shears To be Added Dedue
Bundle of Herbs Found in Cathedral Ashe
How to bake Sweets Found in Cathedral Mercedes
Agriculture Survey Found in Stablesowner Ferdinand
Silver Necklace Found in Entrance Hall Gilbert
Black Leather Gloves Found in Training Grounds Dimitri
Spotless Bandage Found in Golden Dear Classroom Hilda
Letter to Rhea Training Grounds Catherine
Black Iron Spur Dining Hall Felix
Small Tanned Hide Reception Hall Petra
How to be Tidy Stables Marianne
Jousting Almanac Entrance Hall Ingrid
Burlap Sack of Rocks Dining Hall Raphael
Bundle of dry Hamp Marketplace Shamir
Needle and Thread 1st Floor Dormitories Outside Bernadette’s Room Bernadetta
Art Book Cathedral Ignaz
Encyclopedia of Sweets Golden Dear Classroom Lysithea
Sword Belt Fragment Training Hall Felix
Portrait of Rhea 2nd Floor Dormitories Hallway Cyril
Curry Comb Entrance Hall Ingrid
Feather Pillow Dining Hall Linhardt
Unused Lipstick Reception Hall Sylvain
Exotic Flower Reception Hall Petra
Wooden Button Training Grounds Raphael
Wooden Flask Second Floor Lobby Jeralt
School of Sorcery Book Dining Hall Annette
White Glove Black Eagle Classroom Edelgard
Sketch of a Sigil Second Floor Hallway Hanneman
Hand Drawn Map Dining Hall Gardens Leonie
Tattered Overcoat Training Grounds Casper
Thunderbrand Replica Training Grounds Casper
Used Bottle of Perfume Marketplace Hilda
Badge of Graduation Training Grounds Catherine
Mysterious Notebook Cathedral Alois
Wellness Herbs Second Floor Infirmary Manuela
Noxious Handkerchief Training Grounds Hubert
Confessional Letter Stables Marianne
Bag of Tea Leaves Black Eagles Classroom Ferdinand
Artificial Flower Pathway north of Knight’s Hall Lorenz
Unfinished Fable Second Floor Advisory Room Seteth
Foreign Gold Coin Fishing Pond Alois
Crude Arrowheads Dining Hall Balcony Leonie
Still Life Picture 1st Floor Dormitory Bernadetta
Fruit Preserves Cathedral Mercedes
Crumpled Love Letter Knight’s Hall Sylvain
Clean Dusting Clothes 2nd floor Infirmary Manuela
Well used Hatchet Dining Hall Gardens Cyril
Old map on Enbarr Fishing Pond Flayn
Songstress Poster Officer’s Academy Dorothea
The Saints Revealed Reception Hall Linhardt
A treatise on Etiquette Entrance Hall Lorenz
Toothed Dagger Training Grounds Felix
Introduction to Magic Fishing Pond Alois
Dusty Book of fables Cathedral Flayn
Animated Bait 2nd Floor Library Linhardt
Handmade Hair clip Golden Deer Classroom Hilda
Letter to the Goddess Golden dear Classroom Ignaz
Snapped Writing Quill Advisory Room Seteth
Bag of Seeds Cathedral Marianne
Animal Bone Dice Training Grounds Shamir
Light Purple Veil Greenhouse Manuela
Training Logbook Knight’s Hall Dimitri
Unfinished Score Blue Lines Classroom Annette
Iron Cooking Pot Knight’s Hall Dedue
Weathered Cloak Entrance Hall Catherine
Lovely Comb Greenhouse Dorothea
Noseless Puppet Knight’s Hall entrance Gilbert
Pegasus Horseshoes Stables Ingrid
Wax Diptych Dining Hall Annette
Grounding Charm Dining Hall Casper
Annotated Dictionary Dining Hall Petra
New Bottle of Perfume Reception Hall Lysithea
Hedgehog Case Graveyard Bernadetta
Moon Knight’s Tale Cathedral Ashe
The history of Sreng Blue Lines Classroom Sylvain
Maintenance Oil Dining Hall Ferdinand
Silk Handkerchief Golden Deer Classroom Lorenz
Evil-Eye Repelling Amulet Fishing pond Ashe
Old Cleaning Cloth Second Floor Lobby Cyril
Princess Doll Reception Hall Lysithea
Old Fishing rod Cathedral Seteth
Lens Cloth Knight’s Hall Hanneman
Blue Stone Golden Deer Classroom Ignaz
Centipede Picture Stables Shamir
Book of Ghost Stories Cathedral Mercedes
Carving Hammer Knight’s Hall Gilbert
Big Spoon Dining Hall Raphael


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