Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gardening Guide

Learn the in's and out's of gardening in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and how you can increase your gardening yield.

Gardening in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is unlocked early in the game. The Green Thumb Beginnings side quest you got in Chapter 1 is the mini tutorial for using the greenhouse.

This guide will cover all the details you need to know about gardening, like how it works, how you can increase gardening yield and seeds that can yield stats boosters.

How Gardening Works in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Gardening is a pretty simple process in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Go to the greenhouse and talk to the keeper to discuss the gardening options. You can select the option of offering some seeds, cultivating your crops, or harvesting previously planted seeds from here.

The seeds you will offer to the greenhouse keeper will be ready to harvest on the next visit you make to the greenhouse. You can use different cultivation methods to increase the number of items you get.

However, this thing mainly depends on your professor’s Level. If your Professor level is high, you will get more seeds. Below you can find all the cultivation methods for each professor level and the maximum number of seeds they can offer.

Professor Level Cultivation Method Seeds Offered
E Infuse with Fagic (free) 1
E+ Airmid Water (300g) 1
D Prune (500g) 2
C Scatter Bonemeal (1000g) 3
B Caledonian Soil (1500g) 4
A Pegasus Blessings (2000g) 5

Now you might be thinking about how you will get the seeds. Don’t worry; we have that covered as well.

How to Get Seeds

The easiest way of getting the flowering seeds is to buy them from the Western Merchant, which is unlocked after completing the “Clearing the Way” quest in Chapter 5.

Other than that, you can find seeds scattered throughout the Garreg Mach. The best places to look for them are around the Amiibo Gazebo and inside the greenhouse. You can also find some fruit and vegetable seeds in the marketplace.

How to Increase Gardening Yield

Gardening yield in Fire Emblem: Three Houses depend a lot on the cultivation method you are using. If you use the default method, you will get around 5-6 items per seed you plant.

But if you replace this method with the free “Infuse with Magic” cultivation method, you get a guaranteed 6 items per seed. As you level up the cultivation method from here onwards, you will get 1 extra item per Level.

It means if you use the Pegasus Blessings cultivation method, you will get 5 extra items. You can also increase the number of seeds to increase the yield.

To further increase your gardening yield, you can use events like “Blessing of the land.” During this event, you will get 5 extra items per harvest.

There is also a possibility that you can get a stat booster in your harvest, which will again boost your yield by 1 item. These are the different ways in which your gardening yield can be increased.

Which Seeds Yield Stat Boosters

You can find seeds that will yield stat boosters in FE: 3H by using any cultivation method, but if you are using a high-level cultivation method, you will likely find a stat booster seed. Below you will find all the seeds that can yield stat boosters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

  • Western Fodlan Seeds, Blue Flower Seeds: Increase HP by 1.
  • Mixed Herb Seeds, Angelica Seeds, and Purple Flower Seeds: Increases Strength by 1.
  • Southern Fodlan Seeds, Yellow Flower Seeds: Increases Magic by 1.
  • Morfis-Plum Seeds, Morfis Seeds, and Green Flower Seeds: Increases Dexterity by 1.
  • Nordsalat Seeds, Pale-Blue Flower Seeds: Increases Speed by 1.
  • Boa-Fruit Seeds, Mixed Fruit Seeds: Increases Luck by 1.
  • Root Vegetable Seeds, Eastern Fodlan Seeds: Increases Defense by 1.
  • Vegetable Seeds, Red Flower Seeds: Increases Resistance by 1.
  • Northern Fodlan Seeds, Albinean Seeds, White Flower Seeds: Increases Charm by 1.
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