Fire Emblem: Three Houses Battalions Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces the concept of extremely powerful battalions that can completely change the tide of the battle. A player who knows how to correctly use them will surely overpower the game. This article is the perfect source in this guide as it tells the working of battalions, how to unlock them, their abilities, and rankings.

How Battalions Work in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

In FE: Three Houses, battalions are a group of soldiers a player can control. The Authority skill is very important as it is directly proportional to the leadership quality and battalion strength. Battalions have an endurance stat which decreases when the player takes a hit. When this stat becomes zero, the battalions disappear and must be replenished from the guild.

Similarly, in FE: 3H, the unlocked battalions can be activated or dismissed by visiting the battalion guild in the marketplace. During battles, the battalions play a decisive role and can completely change the tide using the powerful Gambit attack. Apart from this, FE: 3H offers combat bonuses for using battalions.

How to Unlock Battalions

The Battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are unlocked after completing a side quest around chapter 4. The side quest is Jeralt’s request to find the captain’s quarter. In the quarter, the unique Tactic’s Primer item unlocks the battalion.

Where to Find Captain’s Quarters

FE: three houses encourage the player to explore the exciting world to find the Captain’s Quarters. Its exact location is the second floor of the monastery, which is easy to get to.

Proceed to the northern end of the Reception Hall and leave when a bridge appears in front of you. Head down the corridor to find a staircase that will take you to the second floor. Get here, go to the northern end of the Reception Hall.

When you’ve got the bridge ahead of you, turn left, and head down the corridor a very short way, to find a staircase leading to the second floor on your left. On the second floor, proceed to the open landing area, take a right and walk down the corridor.

A shining gold marker will appear on the mini-map highlighting the room’s location. The treasure with all its glory waits for you inside; get it.

Battalion Abilities Overview

Battalion abilities have beneficial effects on a player.

Ability   Effects
Fighting Spirit When in formation with a battalion, the taken damage decreases by 5
Distinguished House When in formation with a battalion, the dealt damage increases by 2
Veteran Knight When in formation with a battalion, the  damage increases by 2
Battalion Renewal If the battalion is equipped at the beginning, HP restores by 30%, but its endurance must be less than or equal to 33%
Battalion Wrath The critical rate increases by 50 if the battalion is equipped provided its endurance, which must be less than or equal to 33%, and the foe starts the fight.
Battalion Desperation Ensure quick follow-up attacks provided the battalion endurance must be less than or equal to 33%
Battalion Vantage If you want to attack first, then you must equip a battalion to get this ability provided its endurance must be less than or equal to 33%

How Battalion Endurance Work

Battalions work depending upon their respective endurance. As endurance decrements, their abilities become less effective. Another important fact is that a battalion takes half the damage the unit inflicts, which can be further reduced using defense tactics.

Keep in mind this does include taking damage from poison strikes or any other after-combat strikes or weapons. Using Defensive Tactics will also reduce a battalion’s damage by 1/4th of the damage a unit takes normally.

Best Battalions in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The following are the top five battalions of the game:

Immortal Corp

This battalion of super archers provide 8 Attack, 15 avoid, and 4 Protection making them extremely lethal.

King of Lions Corps

This battalion offers boosts of 10 physical, 5 hits, 15 Critical, and 5 Protection in stats. Get ready to kick the hell out of your enemies.

Vestra Sorcery Engineers

These powerful engineers are most durable and provide boosts of 7 magic, 10 avoid, 4 protection, and 6 Resistance.

Black Eagle Pegasus Company

This company provides a boost of 7 attacks, 10 critical, 10 avoid, 5 protection, and 7 Resistance.

Cichol Wyvern Company

This most powerful Wyvern battalion gives a stat boost of 7 attacks, 15 hits, 15 critical, 5 avoid, 6 protection, and one resistance.

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