Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Drills Guide

Advanced Drills can be done in a way quite similar to the Faculty Training in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. After talking to the students, you can select the Advanced Drills from the options available on the screen.

This guide will cover all the details you need about advance drills in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Advance Drills in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Well, as we mentioned before, the working method of advance drills is pretty much the same as the faculty training. You can use the Advance Drills option to train with students who have higher-level skills than you.

Students are proficient in different skills, and you can train with them to boost your skill. To make things a little easier for you, let’s say if a character has an A in archery and an A as well, you cannot participate in advance drills with this character.

You need to be at least at level B to participate with a character with an A in archery skills. You have to use this method to boost the skills you think your character will need to move forward easily.

But it might be difficult for you to find the student with the proficiency in the particular skill you want to boost.

Character List

To resolve this issue, we have also created a complete list of all the characters and the skills they’re proficient in so you can decide which character you should go to.

  • Edelgard: Sword, Axe, Authority, and Heavy Armour
  • Dimitri: Sword, Lance, and Authority
  • Claude: Sword, Bow, Authority, Riding, and Flying
  • Hubert: Bow, Reason, and Authority
  • Ferdinand: Sword, Lance, Axe, and Riding
  • Linhardt: Reason and Faith
  • Caspar: Axe and Brawling
  • Bernadetta: Lance and Bow
  • Dorothea: Sword and Reason
  • Petra: Sword, Axe, Bow, and Riding
  • Dedue: Lance, Axe, Brawling, and Heavy Armour
  • Felix: Sword, Bow, and Brawling
  • Ashe: Axe and Bow
  • Sylvain: Lance, Axe, and Riding
  • Mercedes: Reason and Faith
  • Annette: Axe, Reason, and Authority
  • Ingrid: Sword, Lance, Riding, and Flying
  • Lorenz: Lance, Reason, and Riding
  • Raphael: Axe, Brawling, and Heavy Armour
  • Ignatz: Sword, Bow, and Authority
  • Lysithea: Reason, Faith, and Authority
  • Marianne: Sword, Faith, Riding, and Flying
  • Hilda: Lance and Axe
  • Leonie: Lance, Bow, and Riding
  • Flayn: Lance and Faith
  • Cyril: Lance, Axe, Bow, Riding, and Flying
  • Yuri: Sword, Bow, Reason, Faith, and Authority
  • Balthus: Sword, Brawling, and Heavy Armour
  • Constance: Sword, Reason, Authority, and Flying
  • Hapi: Faith, Riding, and Flying

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