Fire Emblem Fates Might Be Getting A Nintendo Switch Port Soon

Eager Fire Emblem fans have dug around the franchise Nintendo page and discovered that Fire Emblem Fates might be getting rereleased on Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Fates might be getting a Nintendo Switch port if the recent rumors regarding tomorrow’s Fire Emblem direct are any indication.

Nintendo is scheduled to host a big Fire Emblem related broadcast tomorrow where the main focus is expected to be on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors which was recently announced for Nintendo Switch.

However, some eager Nintendo fans have dug around inside the source code of the Fire Emblem Warriors page on Nintendo’s official website and small line of code in there seems to suggest Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations might be getting a Nintendo Switch release.

According to a person on NeoGAF, a lot of this information related to Fire Emblem Fates seems linked to the 3DS version of the game so it possible that the lines of code might simply be an accidental inclusion.

Until there is an official announcement from Nintendo regarding a Fire Emblem Fates Nintendo Switch port, this information should be treated as a rumor.

That being said, considering the very limited 2017 library for Nintendo Switch and the fact that there are other numerous games which are getting ported to Nintendo Switch, a Fire Emblem Fates port for the upcoming console would not only make sense but will also help improve the library which is somewhat disappointing so far.

The original Fire Emblem Fates was released back in June 2015, exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. The game employs a grid and turn based tactical battle system allowing players to issue commands in turns while the camera angle switch to a third person view during attack.

The game itself, fourteenth title in the Fire Emblem franchise, was released in three different versions: Birthright, Conquest and Revelations. Each version followed a different story line focusing on the same characters.

The Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 2PM Pacific time.

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